rugs for little girl room colors

in this video we’ll take a look at 4 gorgeousnursery ideas for girls pink always finds its way into girl nursery decorations. it is soft, feminine and unmistakably sophisticated,even for female adult tastes. yet, if you are out to make your little girl’snursery one of a kind, you may want to veer away from pink or use it minimally.

rugs for little girl room colors

rugs for little girl room colors, here are some fabulous ways to decorate anursery for a girl without the usual pinks or with just a subtle hint of it. #1 a floral or garden nursery: a botanicalnursery is swathed in greens and browns, and it is splashed with lots and lots of coloursrepresenting the blooms in tangerines, yellows,

blues and reds. you can use pinks, but only if you want them. use cot bedding with floral designs. pick a colour or two to be used in the windowtreatments, in the floor covers (rugs or carpets) and in the artwork and accents. use wooden furniture that can serve as statementpieces. #2 a rainbow nursery: babies love colours. why scrimp on colours when you can createa cheerful nursery by bringing in the rainbow. anchor the room design using one shade onthe walls.

repeat a colour element and design to createsharpness in its visual appeal. with all these colours, you can tone it downa bit with neutral or white-coloured cot and changing table. dress the cot, the floor and the windows withcolour. put in whimsy lights and fanciful accentsin assorted rainbow hues. #3 a modern minimalist in orange and blue:there is another way to break away from pink. you can use orange – from the lightest tintof sherbet to bold hues of pumpkin – to get the modern vibe in the nursery. throw in a shocking accent in electric blueand favour graphics over floral designs.

if toning down becomes necessary, embraceminimalism. #4 a fairyland princess nursery: royal bloodor not, your little princess deserves all the pampering she can get from a princessfairytale nursery. if you were lucky enough to amass a collectionof vintage furniture, it is time to get it all glammed up with ribbons and bows, satin,silk and diaphanous fabrics. maybe it will be a challenge not to let the“pink” in. if you must use subtle shades that will nottake attention away from the real centerpieces in the nursery. there is a whole world of gorgeous ideas forgirl nursery decorations out there.

check out your budget before splurging. if you are in doubt about a theme or you havelots of ideas in your mind, you can always go for non-theme nurseries. it is versatile; it works like a blank canvasthat you can splash with colour as soon as the theme dawns on you. if you like this video give it a thumbs up,comment below and hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.