rugs for little girl room escape

thumbelina there was once a woman who was very lonely,and decided to go visit her friend the fairy. hello dear, what brings you here? dear fairy, i am so lonely. i wish i had a little daughter, even if shewas a teeny-weeny one.

rugs for little girl room escape

rugs for little girl room escape, well, you are a dear friend, so i will helpyou. take this grain of barley and go home andplant it in a flower pot. but i want a little girl. what will i do with a grain of barley?

trust me and do as i say, you will receivea very pleasant surprise. the woman went home and planted the grainof barley, like the fairy had told her to. the next morning, she was amazed to see that thegrain had grown into a beautiful flower resembling a tulip, with its soft petals still shut tight. this is so beautiful, i have never seen anythinglike it. the woman held the flower tenderly and kissedit. immediately, the petals opened, and therelay a beautiful tiny girl. oh – my – god! she is so pretty and dainty!

i shall call her thumbelina. and i must thank my friend the fairy for sucha lovely gift. the woman gently lifted the little girl fromthe flower. ah, now let me see how i can make her comfortable. this walnut shell shall be her bed, and ithink these flower petals can be used as a mattress and blanket. the woman placed thumbelina on a tulip petalfloating on a plate during the day. how happy thumbelina was! she drifted around on her little lake, singingin the most sweet voice ever.

one night, when thumbelina was fast asleepin her tiny walnut shell, a horrible looking frog saw her from the window. who is this tiny thing? she is so pretty. i think she will make a fine bride for mydear toadie and a very good daughter-in-law for me. the frog hopped inside, and carried away thesleeping thumbelina to the pond oh where are you? i am so hungry.

stop complaining all the time. look what i have brought for you. this beautiful creature will be the perfectbride for you. croak croak, croak croak! yes, yes. i know you are very excited. now we have to make a nice bridal room inthe marsh so that you can marry her and stay there with her. croak croak! croak croak!

the croaking noise woke up thumbelina. she looked around, feeling very scared onseeing the frog and toad. she is awake, she is awake, my bride is awake! bride? of this ugly looking creature? never! his eyes look like they will pop out any minute! how dare you! you will marry my son and be a good and obedientwife.

i will make sure you can never escape fromhere. the frog put thumbelina on the leaf of a waterlily in the middle of the pond. thumbelina sobbed and cried out for help. help, help, someone please help me. some fish swimming nearby had seen and heardeverything. look at that poor dear sobbing her heart out! that horrible toad will make an awful husband. friends, we must not allow the nasty frogand her ugly son to get away with their horrible plan.

come, let us nibble at the root of this lilyand set it free. and so they nibbled and nibbled and nibbledtill the leaf of the lily was free and floated away. thumbelina sailed past many beautiful placesand saw many pretty sights. one day, a big cockchafer saw her andcarried her away to to a large tree. he was very proud of her and invited all hisfriends to come and have a look at her. she looks so weird! she is actually ugly! and she is not one of us, so how can you eventhink of marrying her?

are you out of your mind? when all his friends said the same thing,the cockchafer thought they might be right, so he put thumbelina on the ground and flewaway. poor thumbelina! she walked and walked in the wood, eatingwhatever she could find and drinking the dew on the flowers. summer turned to autumn, and soon the bittercold winter arrived. it is getting so cold. unless i find somewhere to take shelter, iwill surely freeze to death.

brrrr…. as thumbelina was walking in a field, shesuddenly came across a tiny door. ah! i think this must be the house of a fieldmouse. i hope it is a kind mouse who will give mesomething to eat and let me stay for some time thumbelina knocked on the door, and very soonit was opened by a mouse. i am very hungry, could you please give mesomething to eat? what are you doing out in the cold? come in and warm yourself near the fire.

you can share my dinner, i have some hot soupand cheese and bread. thank you so much, you are so kind. soon thumbelina had eaten a nice meal preparedby the mouse, and feeling tired, she just wanted to sleep for sometime. your house is so warm and cosy. may i sleep here tonight? i am really tired after walking for so long. well, if you have nowhere to go you can certainlyrest here. in fact, if you can keep my house neat andclean, you can stay here for the whole winter.

can you do that? of course! thank you so much! so thumbelina spent the winter with the mouse. one day, the mouse went to thumbelina please clean the house very well, as i havea very dear friend visiting me tomorrow. friend? is it another mouse? no, no, it is my good friend the mole.

oh, he is so rich, he has such a large home. and what i have a great idea! if you could sing sweetly for my friend andtell him some nice stories, he might even marry you. even though he is blind, he will look afteryou well and all your worries will be over. when the mole came to visit, he fell in lovewith thumbelina’s beautiful voice and asked to marry her. i am so, so happy, i’m sure you will bothmake a wonderful couple. let us start making preparations for a summerwedding.

as the mole was leaving the hole leading tothe mouse’s house, he kicked a sparrow lying there don’t kick the poor little thing. can’t you see it is hurt? where did this piece of filth come from? these pesky things keep flying all over anddon’t bother to make a home for winter. this sparrow deserves to die! thumbelina was shocked at the mole’s behaviour. she couldn’t imagine how anyone could beso cruel. oh, you poor birdie, i will nurse you backto health.

though the mouse got angry, thumbelina caredvery lovingly for the sparrow till it was strong enough to fly away. as her wedding day was coming closer and closer, i can’t marry that mole, i would ratherdie! not only is he stupid and ugly, he is a totalsavage! and i can’t imagine living all my life ina hole. i want to be out in the sun, breathe the freshair and see all the lovely flowers and birds. i have to escape from the mouse and mole. suddenly, thumbelina heard a sound, and lookedup to see the sparrow she had looked after.

my dear, you are a gentle and kind soul, thathorrible mole does not deserve you. winter is soon going to come, and i am flyingaway to a warm land. why don’t you just hop on to my back andcome with me? i will take you far away from the mole andthe mouse. thank you, thank you so much dear friend! i have to escape from here. so thumbelina jumped on to the sparrow’sback, and away, away, away they flew to the beautiful land of flowers. whee!

this is so wonderful! the sparrow very gently put thumbelina onthe petal of a large yellow flower. thumbelina was tired after her long journey,and immediately fell asleep. the sparrow sat on a tree above, looking afterher. a little later, she woke up to the sound ofa very gentle voice. who is this pretty maiden? i have never seen her here before. thumbelina got scared on seeing the stranger. oh, don’t be afraid.

i am the king of flowers. i have never seen anyone as beautiful as you. will you be my queen? suddenly, thumbelina’s friend, the sparrow,flew down. thumbelina, thumbelina, this is the king offlowers. he is a very, very kind man, and everyonehere loves him. i know! so, my dear, what do you say? will you be my wife?

the king was so kind and handsome, how couldthumbelina refuse? and so she married the king and became thequeen of flowers, living happily ever after. goldilocks and the three bears in a dense forest, there lived in a littlecottage the family of father bear, mother bear and baby bear. what a pretty cottage it was, with brightyellow curtains, a pretty red rug, and lovely flowers growing outside. now the bear family loved porridge, and mamabear made it every day. mama bear, is the porridge ready?

oh yes, i am just bringing it to the table. that smells nice, but i think the porridgeis very hot! i will certainly burn my tongue if i eat itnow. what shall we do now? it is such a beautiful day, let us go fora walk, and when we return, the porridge should have cooled down by then. come on, baby bear, put on your mittens andbonnet, we are going for a walk. oooooh, i love to go for walks. maybe i will find some honey to lick.

wait for me papa and mama, i’m just coming. yes darling, we are waiting. make it quick. and so the bear family went out into the forestfor a walk. now on the edge of the forest, there liveda young girl who had beautiful long golden hair, and everyone called her goldilocks. she loved to spend her time with the littleanimals in the forest, the birds and butterflies, and the tall green trees and colourful flowersall around. one morning, she got ready as usual to goout.

mother, i am going for a walk in the forest. oh, goldilocks, see if you can find some berriesthere. i was thinking of making a nice berry piefor dinner tonight. but don’t go too far dear, i’ve heardthere are some bears living in the forest. oooh, berry pie! i just love it! i know a place where there are some sweetblue berries growing. it is not too far, so don’t worry mother,i’ll be back soon. so goldilocks set off towards the forest.

how she loved to go there! the flowers, the little rabbits, and oh, thecolourful butterflies, they all made goldilocks so happy! i think i will take some of these pretty pinkflowers for mother. i know she will love them. they will look so pretty on the table. (la la, la la la,i wonder where my friends are? the little bunnies that go hop hop hop,naughty monkeys that suddenly from trees drop. beautiful butterflies flitting from flowerto flower

and then flying away far, far, far). where are all my little friends, i can’tsee any of them today. so looking for the rabbits and the beautifulbutterflies, goldilocks kept going farther and farther into the forest. after walking for some time, goldilocks thoughtshe was lost. where am i? i seem to have come very far, and i promisedmama that i would not. (yawn) i am so tired! suddenly, goldilocks saw something a littleahead.

what is this? a cottage in the middle of the forest? whose can it be? goldilocks went near and peeped through thewindow, but could see no one. i wonder if i could rest here for a few minutes. hello, hello, anyone there? there doesn’t seem to be anyone around. oh, the door is open! slowly, goldilocks pushed open the door, lookedaround, and then went into the cottage.

this is indeed a very lovely cottage. i smell something very nice, and i am suddenlyfeeling very hungry! there on the table, goldilocks saw three bowlsthat had porridge in them. this is a nice big bowl, i will have the porridgefrom this one. oooh! it is so hot, i think i have burned my tongue! uf uf uf! after a few minutes, goldilocks tried theporridge in the second bowl. this is too cold, it is not tasting nice.

then she went to the last bowl, which wasthe smallest. i like this porridge. i hope no one will mind my having it, i amso hungry. that was so yummy! after finishing off all the porridge in thesmall bowl, goldilocks started feeling drowsy. i think i will rest here for sometime andthen go home. oh, this chair is too big, it is not at allcomfortable. so saying, she went to the next chair, whichwas mother bear’s chair, but found that chair too big also.

i think the small chair should be fine. but as goldilocks sat down on baby bear’schair, the chair broke and she fell down. ouch! that hurt! and the chair is broken! oh, i hope the owner will not be very angry. goldilocks tried her best to put the chairback together again, but could not do so. i have been a bad girl today. i promised mama that i would not go far andi did.

now i have eaten someone’s porridge andbroken their chair. goldilocks was feeling very very sorry forbeing a naughty child. she decided that she would wait for a whiletill the owner came back so that she could say sorry to him. i do hope the owner of this cottage will bekind and forgive me. i really did not mean to eat his porridgeand break his chair. goldilocks went to the window to see if anyone was around, but she could see no one. i will wait for a few minutes more only, otherwiseit will become dark and i won’t be able

find my way back home. oh, mama is going to be so angry with me! goldilocks looked around for some place whereshe could wait, and wandered to the next room, where there were three beds. i am so tired, and the beds look so inviting. i’ll just rest for a few minutes. she went to the largest bed and lay down. this bed is so hard, i don’t think i willbe comfortable here. goldilocks got out of father bear’s bedand went to mother bear’s bed.

this bed is too soft, i will just sink intoit. let me try the last bed. goldilocks then went to baby bear’s bed. aaah! this is so comfortable and nice. i will lie down for just a few minutes andthen go back home. i will have to go and say sorry to mama alsofor being so late. though goldilocks thought of resting for afew minutes only, she was so tired that she soon fell fast asleep.

soon after, the three bears came back fromtheir walk. i’m hungry now after the long walk, andthe porridge must have cooled by now. what’s this? someone has been having my porridge! someone has been having my porridge too! oh! someone has finished all my porridge! what will i eat now? now, now, baby, don’t worry, i will giveyou some more.

but who could have come here? no one ever comes so deep into the forest. humph! someone has been sitting on my chair! mother bear and baby bear hurry to look attheir chairs. i think someone has been sitting on my chairtoo! oh mama, papa, look! someone has broken my chair! boo hoo hoo!

who could it be? lets look around and see if there is someonein our house. they all go to the next room. i see someone has been sleeping on my bed. and someone has been sleeping on my bed too. oh look, mama, papa, there is someone sleepingon my bed! i’m sure this is the baddie who ate my porridgeand broke my chair. come on papa, punish, punish! the loud sounds of baby bear made goldilockswake up with a start, and she got the fright

of her life! she jumped out of the bed, ran to the openwindow, jumped out, and ran away as fast as her little legs could carry her! oh, the poor thing, we really scared her. she ate my porridge, she broke my chair. she is horrible! oh, come on, baby. you can always get more porridge and a newchair, but that poor little thing got so scared, i don’t think we will ever see her again!

goldilocks did not stop running till she reachedher house. she had never imagined that the cottage whereshe decided to rest belonged to bears! mother, mother! what is the matter my dear? you are so late and i was so worried. why are you panting like this? oh mama, i saw some bears in the forest, andi was so scared that i just ran and ran. i dropped all the berries i had collectedand even some pretty flowers i had picked for you. oh, my child!

promise me you will never go so far again. i promise mother, i will never do it again. now go wash your hands and have your dinner,and then go right up to bed. you’ve had a nasty fright, but a good night’ssleep will make you feel better. i will never ever disobey my mother again. i am lucky that i managed to escape just intime! of course, goldilocks did not know that thebears were very friendly and would not have harmed her, but she did learn a very goodlesson that day, didn’t she?