rugs for a little girl's room

welcome to the gracie and mommy show. you have been asking for this video for along time. and as we are getting ready today to go toa girl again to donate a bunch of our american girl stuff and also to volunteer to help dressing,restoring, and organizing a bunch of the donations they got over the holidays...sorry for thestrange lighting.

rugs for a little girl's room

rugs for a little girl's room, the only place i could fit all the dolls wasin our living room. so i wanted to show you the collection andthen kind of talk through with you what we're donating and why. so there are 25 american girl dolls in thishouse.

most of them are gracie's and some of themare mine. gracie's at that point, she's 13 and she'skind of not into dolls anymore and that's totally okay. i mean that happens a lot around this age. she's willing to part with her american girldolls. she's like, "well they take up a lot of spaceand i feel bad because i don't play with them." i'm not going to donate them all. i'm going to keep the historicals and thegirls of the year because i think that, you know, just in case when she's older she'slike, "darn.

i wish i still had my american girls." because i've heard that from a lot of adultswho've said, "you know i had them and i let my mom give them away and i wish i still hadthem." so i'm going to hang onto some of them. but for now i want to show you the entirecollection. so this is in no particular order whatsoeverbut i tried to group them by kind of what they are. okay? here we go.

so i'm going to start from the top. these are what i call my american girl dolls. there's a tonner doll hiding in the back there. these are dolls that may have been given togracie but i took them because i was in love with them. the first one is mary ellen. so she's one of the newer be forever historicalgirl dolls. she's from the 1950's and i love her collection. i want her couch.

it's just the problem with american girl dollsis that they're 18 inches and all of their stuff is really big and we just don't...there'sonly so much room in this house and it's just insane. this is my julie. i think i got her last year. did i get her last year for my birthday? so gracie's american girl doll was a juliethat she got from aunt lizzie. she was gracie's. so this was the first time that i was everlike, "i want a julie of my own."

but before i got a julie of my own i pickedout this doll who she's a whatever we call them now...a truly me. she's a blonde haired girl with sort of greeneyes and then i dressed her in one of julie's outfits. we named her jennifer and she kind of lookslike me in the 1970's when i was a kid. love that doll. by the way all the one's that are mine aretotally staying. i absolutely love her. this is another truly me.

guys i don't know the numbers at all. so i love this doll. i'm in love with her hair and so she's a trulyme doll that is mine. she is not wearing an american girl outfit. she's wearing an outfit from little gloriannawho makes really beautiful clothes and dresses for 18" dolls. then this doll is another truly me. i was thinking about donating her but i loveher. she's a gorgeous redheaded doll with greeneyes because it's nearly impossible for american

girl to make a redheaded girl with brown eyesand we'll talk about that a little later. this outfit she's wearing is actually froma dolly and me from kohl's from a million years ago. and then of course you've got melody, whoseglasses are crooked right now. girl, you're glasses are crooked. so melody who was sent to us by mattel andi absolutely love melody. 1960's, detroit motown. totally. and of course our newest girl of the year,gabriela.

so of course she's staying. she's staying with us. absolutely staying with us. so now i got over here to this...this is someof the crew that are going to get donated. and it's hard. it's really hard. it's really hard for me. so this is gabby. now gabby is in bad shape and she was kindof in rough shape when we got her.

she needs the love of the folks at a girlagain. so gabby was my american girl number 5. she has red hair and she actually has browneyes. she was discontinued. so she was retired and so i kept searchingand searching and searching on ebay and i finally did find her and gave her to graciefor, i don't know. birthday? christmas? i don't remember what it was.

the problem with gabby is that she needs tobe restrung because she's got that situation. so we got gabby a wheelchair. and we decided that gabby was a disabled doll. so she has a wheelchair. so gabby and her wheelchair, gracie has decided,should go to a girl again because they can restring her and she is a rare doll and there'sprobably another little girl out there that is looking for a doll that looks like herand american girl just doesn't make one. so that's a little hard for me but i respectgracie's wishes and we're also going to donate the wheelchair with gabby.

so gabby, we love you, honey. this is so hard for me, guys. i'm probably going to cry in the car. so this is...she's a just like me...trulyme. this is amy lucy. lucy amy. if you guys have seen the video where we gother you'll know why we call her that. she's wearing kits dress actually. the reason why we call her that was becausewe met this really, really nice american girl

employee who helped us pick her out and allthis stuff and her name...i think her name was amy was gracie wanted to call the dolllucy. so we went back and forth on what to nameher. this is a tough one too. this was our first attempt at a just likeyou for gracie. so she's got brown eyes and...i don't knowwhat you want to call that hair. they were sort of calling that red. they were trying to claim that was red onthe american girl site but nah. nah.

not really. and she's in american girl clothes. and then this is allie. allie's a just like you. allie, if you saw the ghostly gossip way backin 2012-2013, gracie and i made some videos with spectra vondergeist interviewing ouramerican girl dolls. and allie has a full personality like she'sgot a whole story. she loves doctor who. she's a great big geek.

she laughs like this... so it's really...this is so hard. and she's in emily's dress. that's really, really hard but i need to keeptelling myself that i don't need 25 american girl dolls. no one needs 25 american girl dolls. (laughs) no one does and certainly not anadult woman. but then again i'm judging and who am i tojudge? i just don't have room for them and i alsoreally in my heart i want to help a girl again

so much because i believe in what they doand what the organization, yes she can, does and so dolls are very important to what theydo there at the store. i have to make some hard choices. and so now the girls of the year i'm keeping. so this is lea from last year and she's justdressed in some outfit i put together. and of course this is grace from two yearsago. she had that really expensive bakery set,which just always blew my mind how expensive that bakery set was. she's wearing, i think emily's headband rightnow.

this was isabelle. is isabelle. she is a dancer and she was the one that hadthe hot pink extensions. you can stand up. face everybody. she's like, "i'm so ashamed." hot pink extensions you can put in her hair. we never put them in. we just didn't really...we weren't feelingit.

and so there's isabelle. and here's sage, who i need to give her hairsome loving. she's in need of some serious hair loving. i love sage. i've always loved sage. if sage had brown eyes she would have beengracie especially before gracie got the haircut. her hair color is so close to gracie's. it's just amazing. just absolutely amazing.

i love this outfit and all american girlsfight over these boots. they all want to wear these boots. so this is chrissa. we did not get chrissa when she was the girlof the year. but gracie was very interested in chrissaand chrissa's story. so i kept looking for an affordable chrissain good shape on ebay and i found her a couple years ago for easter and so gracie got chrissafor easter, which was really cool. this is mckenna. this was gracie's first girl of the year.

she did not get her when she came out. she got her later that summer. she and daddy made some kind of a bet. i think it had to do something with rollercoasters that she would go on a certain roller coaster and if she would do it he would gether mckenna. so here is mckenna. she is also wearing an outfit from littleglorianna. i just love this little tuxedo dress fromthem but the shoes are american girl. and then we've got kit.

kit kittredge. we have the redo of kit so she's got slightlydifferent hair and she's not dressed up like she's dressed up all modern girl. we actually have two kits...or had two kits. i had one and gracie had one. gracie was going to try to make a doll intoa boy. so she basically de-wigged a kit. so we also have a bald kit. so technically we have 26 dolls.

i'm going to bring bald kit to a girl againto see if they want her for parts or something. i don't know if they do that. so this is kia. that's one of our higher viewed videos, isgracie going to get kia. so this is kia and kia spends a lot of timeat our house dressed up in modern clothes. and i keep her hair braided so that it doesn'tget know. just messed up. so kia is definitely staying with us. emily.

emily was really...i wanted emily very, verymuch. we don't have molly. we didn't want molly but we got emily becausei loved emily's story so much in the molly story. so she's all dressed up modernized. and here's ivy. ivy does have pink paint in her hair, whichit's acrylic paint. it will wash out. there's a little bit of an accident.

so ivy's, of course, julie's best friend. so she was released with julie and then shewas retired just recently a couple years ago. so we're very happy to have ivy. now this is the one exception to the "i'mkeeping all the historical dolls." this is caroline abbott and you know thatcaroline got retired really quickly so caroline has really unique eyes. she's got a very pretty face. the problem with caroline and the reason isuspect...oh. julie's going to go down over there....thatshe got retired is she had these bologna curl

ringlets and once a girl brushes caroline'shair, it's never ever the same. her hair is like really dried out. i've tried different things to...she needsthe girls at a girl again. i think that they can make her hair beautifulagain and then someone can have a retired historical or be forever...whatever we'recalling them doll. so i am going to find caroline's clothes andredress her in her original clothes and everything and this is the one...i asked gracie. i was like, "what do you think?" and she'slike, "yeah. she needs more help than we can give."

so caroline is going to get donated. i feel bad. i feel like i'm telling her...but you're goinggo and then some little girls' going to come to the store and she's going to see you andshe's going to be like, "(gasp) caroline!" and you're going to go home's likebeing adopted. you're going to have a little girl who's absolutelygoing to adore you instead of sitting on a shelf in a teenage girl's room who watchesanime and plays video games. i think you're going to like it a lot better. this is the reissue of samantha and i'm keepingher because i know i'm keeping her.

(laughs) i'm keeping her because she's a historicaldoll. i said i was going to keep all the historicaldolls. i'm up in the air on that. i really am. i really am because i feel like she's a reissueso she's not the real samantha. isn't that weird? that is so weird. i know it's a weird thing. this is gracie's original julie and i can'tdecide if we're keeping her or not.

and this is, we call her sonali because shelooks just like sonali but she's a truly me and she's also in a little gloriana outfit. so yeah. these three might get donated as well. it's going to be a game day decision. definitely caroline. maybe samantha. i don't know. that was gracie's first american girl doll.

i really don't think i can donate her. i just don't think i can do it. i can't do it. so there you go. it's the video you've been waiting for. gracie's not in it because gracie's not intothe dolls anymore. there is no good light in this room. no matter what i'm going to look like thescary woman in the seinfield episode who looks horrible in the bad light.

so that was our...oh gosh. eh. oh look at him. i carried all the dolls downstairs in thatblanket and he's like, "oh, nice blanket, meow." thank you so much for watching. i hope that you enjoyed this video and thatyou support our decisions to donate a bunch of gracie's dolls so that young girls canget an american girl and the prices are more affordable at a girl again because it's asecond hand american girl shop.

but it support a tremendous organization thatyes she can and that employs girls on the autism spectrum. gives them jobs, gives them job training,life skills training, customer service, and it's just an amazing, amazing thing to tietogether american girl dolls and helping girls with asperger's and high functioning autismto get their first opportunity to work and to start a career. so we obviously have really strong feelingabout that. so thank you, guys so much for watching. please subscribe, comment, and all that kindof good stuff.

and we will see you again real soon. bye.