How To Decorate A Dining Room Table

hello and welcome to my channel and three art today i'm going to show you some table decoration ideas for you the material we need one bow like that and candles and rose bud and some water

How To Decorate A Dining Room Table, first of all for the water in bowl like that yes after that take rose bud and paattles put in the water

you can take other balls like glass balls plastic bowl as you like wow it looks so beautiful take the candle put in the water different areas like that so beautiful right let's start for lighten the candles yes it's so nice so friends it's ready to your party and special occasions

other table decoration you need some decorative flowers put it in glass a pour some water like that it's looked like this you can see how it's looking very beautiful a candle put in water and drop and lighten like that wow looking so beautiful for 3 thing we need glass and some pearls put in

glass and pour water yeah like that enough and sample results can know like just yes so beautiful looking next thing is glass for the water take some artificially leavs put it in water and one small rose middle in the water yes you can see looking so beautiful

if you like you can keep without candles if you like you can also put candles and fire excessive it looked like it looked like for the 5 thine we need noodles and one glass and pour in the glass like it's still quite this if you like you can also colour snoodles and i don't like to color the noodels as just

put like this so guys my table decoration is ready it looks so pretty so gorgeous if you like please click on the like button and don't forget to subscribe my channel if you have some problem you can come in below you can use this item under any special occasion and party a-and valentine d and any

particular occasion hope you guys thank you for watching buy