Internet Safety Tips For Kids

[ music ] social networking. it's a big part of your life. these days, social computing accountsfor 22 percent of time spent online. and you aren't just catching up with oldfriends or sharing hilarious cat videos.

Internet Safety Tips For Kids, nope. you're using social networks forserious stuff like gaining insights from data, sharing ideas to drive innovation andconnecting colleagues around the globe. social computing has madeour lives a whole lot easier, but there are a few risksyou need to be aware of.

first is cyber attacks. there are a variety of ways that cybercriminals can lure you into a scam. one way is to contact you with thepromise of a large sum of money if you simply provide your bank account number. nope, you don't want to do that. sigh. oh, dear. okay. on to the next threat. phishing is just what it soundslike, fishing for information. the bait often comes in the formof a link to a fake web page.

wait! if you do that, you'll get phished. now the culprits have your log-ininformation and can access your account, post damaging content and even launch morephishing schemes against your friends. all right, then. on to our final threat, malware. it doesn't sound good, does it? that's why it's always dressed upas something you actually want. no, it's not what you think. when you click on a pop-up ad that's malware indisguise, software downloads to your computer

that can cause all sorts of trouble. trojan horses, spyware andviruses are all types of malware. they basically turn your computer into a zombie,spreading its infection to your e-mail contacts and other computers on your network. here are four easy steps tohelp you avoid these traps. one, think before you click. verify the identity of sites, links andindividuals before connecting with them online. two, don't ever share private or personalinformation with someone you don't know. three, keep your antivirus software,browsers and privacy settings up to date.

four, use different log-ins and passwords foreach of your accounts and keep them to yourself. the most important thing onlineis to exercise good judgment about the information you shareand who you share it with.