is arm and hammer cat litter good

is arm and hammer cat litter good

- i've seen a cat take a shitlocking eyes with my roommate. not many people can say that, so. (laughs) (light electronic music) - i have a cat and her name is jengi. - his name is rusty shackleford.

is arm and hammer cat litter good, - my cat's name is tails. - meano. - so i missed having harry with me so i flew him out to la from dallas.

- and he was kinda standing near the wall, and i was petting him, and he started having a sneezing fit. - he had this problem where he (intense inquisitive music) didn't go to the bathroomfor like three days, and then he started acting like he was possessed by demons. - and then all of a sudden,from the living room

i hear this scream, and it's my roommate. he's like, "what the fuck, dude?!" - and it just splatteredall over the wall. - some shit flew out of his butt in liquid form onto my shirt. - "dude, your cat fuckin'shit all over the bean bag, and i'm eatin' chipotle!" - i guess her tail had been under her and like her whole dumpwent on top of her tail.

so like three turdswere on her whole tail. - a shit longer than him came out of him, and i haveno idea how it happened. - this huge lovesac in the living room was just drenched in diarrhea, (light orchestral music) cat diarrhea, and it just smells. it's like a shit sauna,it's just in your face. (splatting imitation)

- the sheer weight ofthe poop on her tail, she couldn't handle it. i don't know why she didn'tfeel it happening in the midst, but there was nothing in the litter box. (music cuts out) - and then he walked away, and my roommate was like, "i think we needto get rid of this cat. "i don't think it's working out." - and he told me, "get rid of the cat,

"the cat's gotta go or i'm gonna go." (light smooth jazz) we're not friends anymorenow, but for other issues. - i don't know, cats are cats. - it's kind of asacrifice you have to make if you want a cat, you know? but i love cats so much that it's worth goin' through some shit storms.