Oak File Cabinet 4 Drawer

[music] 00:12 speaker 1: good day, knuckleheads. uncleknackers here, and welcome to video one of a 10 part series that i've titled, my top10 diy tips. now, i get a lot of requests out there from you guys saying, "can you doa video on this or a video on that?" so, what i've decided to do was to collect 10 mostrequested subjects and to do a video on each

Oak File Cabinet 4 Drawer, one of those. now, i've made the videos verypractical, and at a skill level that should be suitable for all of you out there. so easyin fact that even my little three-year-old son can do it. isn't that right, billy? 00:49 speaker 2: that's too easy, dad.

[pause] 00:56 s1: no excuses. let's face it. we'veall bought a bit of crappy old chip board furniture back in the day. and over a periodof time, the screw holes become so worn that they can't hold the screw. and as a result,the piece of furniture falls to pieces, or your kitchen cupboard door falls off. or inthis instance here, this is one of the kids' bedroom doors that they've been hanging offand slamming for the last couple of years. and as a result, the screws don't even needa screw driver to insert them. and as a result, hinges falls off. and that can be a real pain,but the good thing is, is that it's a really, really easy fix. i'm going to show you howto do that right now. let's go.

01:48 s1: the tool requirements for this jobare quite basic and can be found in most people's homes. all we need is a hammer. got my oldgirl here. she has seen some action, hasn't she? an old faithful. and i've got a selectionof plugs here. you don't need all of these. but what they are is a toothpick, some matches,a golf tee, wooden golf tee and some plastic plugs. selection of plastic plugs there. chisel,some woodworker's glue and a screw driver or a cordless drill and some screws. that'sit. 02:35 s1: the objective that we are tryingto achieve is that we need to fill these holes up with those materials that we found lyingaround the house. and the reason for that is that it will give the screw something tobite into. so, the first thing you do is just

put a bit of carpenter's glue. just squeezesome in the hole. don't get too crazy. you squeeze a bit in, rub it with your finger,like that. and the first material that we are going to use are these matches and a toothpick.we have a touch of fancy, really. so, just put the match in the hole like that, and theother the match in, like that. squeeze it down. lovely. get your chisel. [noise] 03:30 s1: and chisel it off nice and flushwith the surface. that hole is filled. another option that you could use is, if you've gotthese plastic plugs lying around the house, you can put one of those in the hole. tapit in.

03:48 s1: like that, flush with the surface.that's a good one. and even a better one, an extremely strong one, especially if youare hanging a large heavy door, is a hardwood golf tee. these are fantastic. so, drive thatone in. 04:09 s1: like that. get your chisel. 04:17 s1: chisel it off, flush with the top.and now we have it all three holes filled. now what you need to do is get your hingeand put your hinge back on. so, put it in place like that. grab your screws. on thehole. 04:44 s1: that's one done. lovely. 04:49 s1: second one done. beautiful. lastbut not least.

04:57 s1: third one. all beautiful. and thatis never ever going to come off. 05:05 s1: how easy was that? great tip, knackers!and don't forget if you thought this video was useful, please subscribe to my channel.the button's down there, thumbs up; the button's also down there, comment and share. they willbe all greatly appreciated. so, there you have it, video one is done. and video twowill be uploaded in the next week or so. 05:27 s1: so, till then. cheers.