Rugs For Little Girl Room Escape

Rugs For Little Girl Room Escape

hey, katherine. you can make a braceletout of a duct tape roll. that's cool, rachel. but remember what mom said. don't ever sleep with theduct tape around your wrist.

Rugs For Little Girl Room Escape, don't worry, i won't. i'm tired. i'm going to sleep. clap.

rachel, it's time to get up. i don't wanna get up. come on, rachel. you have to go to school. go away. rachel, you reallyneed to get up. ok, fine. i'll get up. katherine, i can't get up.

rachel. you're just being lazy. no, seriously. i can not get up. it's not like you're stuckto the bed, or something. oh. rachel, how did this happen? i must have accidentallyslept with the duct tape. i told you never tosleep with duct tape.

ok, i'm sorry. but right now couldyou get me out of here? ok. i'll try. i mean, how hard can it be? ugh, ugh. i can't get you out. let's try pulling. uh.

baah. that doesn't work either. maybe you could get aknife and cut me free. i got the knife. ha, ha. that tickles. dang it. what do i now? get some really sharp scissors.

these should work. nope. i know, i'll slide youout with this spatula. that didn't work. don't worry, i have abunch of other ideas. oh,no. maybe i could peel off the ducttape with this carrot peeler. can opener? no way.

how am i going to get some help? katherine, none ofyour ideas are working. well, it looks like you'restuck in there forever. wait, katherine. i forgot. i always sleep with a boxcutter under my pillow. that's just weird. i'm not tellinganyone we're related. there it is.

ugh. [laughing] i'm free. that is the last timei sleep with duct tape. [music playing]