Rugs For A Little Girl'S Room

Rugs For A Little Girl'S Room

so welcome to my room, you guys! very quickly before we get started, i justwant to say i know a lot of you guys are watching thisvideo because you want inspiration for your own room.

Rugs For A Little Girl'S Room, my room is a big mix of diy stuff and thingsthat - mostly things that i've bought online. so if i'm showing you guys something thatcan be bought online, i'll put a little number in the corner ofyour screen

so if you see something that you like, you can pick it up by clicking the link in the description boxbelow. i hope this helps you guys find stuff thatis cute for your room, and makes your room your happy place because this is certainly mine. i love hanging out in here. so, let's take a look around! i will start in this corner of my room.

over this door, i have a hello kitty wallsticker, and at the top of the door, i have two pinkdoor hangers. and this is usually where i hang clothes thati want to wear or coordinate. and then over here, i have my princess castlewall sticker because that is what this room is. it is my princess room! here we have a pikachu piggy bank, a molangplushie, and a tofu massaging pillow wearing a hat that i wear all the time. i found this little pink storage cube on craigslistfor about $30-ish.

i use it to hold my wigs that i wear the mostfrequently so that i don't have to go digging throughmy closet to find the wigs i want to wear the most often. so this is my wardrobe. this is from ikea. so inside here, these are some of my necklacesand some of my clothes. it goes from, um, skater dresses, crop topsand t-shirts, and then we have long sleeve shirts back here. and then these are necklaces that didn't fitinto my jewelry thing that we'll get to.

one diy tip for storing necklaces: this is like a key rack or something fromthe dollar store and these are command hooks. so i just stuck the command hooks up thereand stuck the rack on them and then you have tons of necklace storagefor very cheap. let's move on in. and then in this side, i have most of my cosplaystuff. so it looks really messy but it makes sense. each cosplay has a bag with it that has like

the wigs and the shoes and all that stuff. and then it's with the clothes so this iselsa, obviously. anna is there. link, ryuko, harry potter, oh, edward scissorhands is back there. and then back here i have they're, um, weapons and shields and stuff like that. yeeee~ so i really hate when my room looks cluttered,

so this is another good diy trick for peoplewho have stuff that they want concealed but they want to keep in the room. um, i use this room to film my videos andto do photography so i have a lot of camera equipment and lightingstuff that just doesn't fit my, like, pink princess room. so i got a tension rod and um a big piece of fabric that matched my room. and i created a little curtain so that i can keep all of my camera stuffback here

without having to look at it. so moving on... this is my window, obviously. these curtains are from amazon. i got them really, really cheap. like, i want to say like $5 or something likethat. another great diy tip is if you are rentinglike i am or if your parents won't let you drill a holein the wall. to hang curtains, i use a curtain rod andcommand hooks

so that you don't have to drill, you can just like stick them on and take themoff later uh, when you're done with it. this is a little cabinet that i found on craigslist. it was like, really beaten up. somebody was just keeping it in their garageto store tools in. but... it had potential! i painted it white, and then with a pink top. you'll notice with all of my other furnitureonce we get around the room

um, that they all have these pink heart knobs. they're here too. i got them because they are really, reallycute and it ties all of the furniture togetherbecause none of this furniture came together, but now it looks like a big complete set. the knobs are from ebay. i think they are like $3 or $4 a piece. so, this is my harry potter shelf. it's obviouslygot all the books and all of the movies. uh, this is like a bag of harry potter candythat i'll never eat.

uh, i just kind of collect it. and over here, we have my mirror that swivels around backand forth, my little alpacas... these little meowchis are from tasty peach. (cheers) i get asked how i store my accessories allthe time, so really this magical piece of furnitureis the answer to all of your questions. underneath here, there's two more little drawers.

and in this one, i store my hair bows. and in this one, i store, like, my hair clips andjust basically like everything the could go in my hair that's not a hairbow. so, i love this like... that little guy upthere. it is like a floral pennant banner kind of thing andi just draped it from wall to wall. and it really ties the room together. i loveit. and this is some of my artwork here. this is from the brand cakes with faces and it's got like, a queen cupcake and allof her little pastries beneath her. so cute!

and um, you'll notice as i move around theroom, i don't have a bunch of little small picturesof me and my friends everywhere, because i blow them up into, like, giganticposters and prints. this is me and one of my best friends, linden,and i love this picture. and this is my little twin stars calendar. i love the shape of it and that it's reallybig. and i also just love little twin stars. youguys will see that coming soon. and then i have, like, a little dry eraseboard here for writing my plans out. and i have a hello kitty chair right here.

it's probably the cutest chair in the wholeworld. i'm just saying. right here in the middle of the room actuallyi have a kyary x mameshiba plush. it's actually like for a keychain i thinkand it goes... woop! but i stuck it on my fan because i like itfloating around in my room. if you have seen any of my other videos, i'm sure this is a familiar sight to you. i get so, so, so many questions about wherei got these desks,

so i'm going to talk about that first. okay so both of these desks are from craigslist. they are just like two second-hand pieces that i picked up, sanded down, primed it,painted it, sealed it, and then i added the little heart hardware to kind of tie them all together and makethem look like a big compatible set. so i am all about diy furniture. i think it is a great way to add a big completeset to your room for really cheap and also to

give this, like, cast away furniture anotherlife. my computer chair is from ikea. um, it is basically always hijacked by thiscute little one who is always asleep here. so i have a ton of cute stuff on my shelveshere. this top shelf is like, plushies mostly. we have loppy and wooly. this totoro was made for me by an amazingfan named hannah. this is a llama named kyandi.

this second shelf is books that i switch outall the time. it's mostly books about japan, cats, and makeup. i have the little scene from totoro wherethey're standing at the bus stop. these little guys i stuck on the back here are stationery, but i just thought they wereadorable so i stuck them to the back of the desk. this is a mew print that i got at a convention. and down here, um, i have my sewing machine, some hand sanitizer,

my picture from anime matsuri with akira andmidori. a little twin stars mug full of pens and this is the lamp for my gel nail polish. and on my other desk here, of course, i have my computer where i editmy videos and talk to you guys all day. i have these two prints are from hyper japan lastyear. they are with me and my very best buddies,pixie_late. and this is my youtube award that i have showedyou guys before.

this, um, is my silver play button for hitting100,000 subscribers. i really, really love that a lot. it meansa lot to me. oh, another diy thing is my coasters. just got blocks of wood from the craft store. painted them with the same paint that i paintedmy desk, so that it matched perfectly. and then i hot-glued felt onto the bottomof them so they slide around without, like, messinganything up. and then you have coasters that match yourstuff.

i got this lamp from the dollar store. i got all of these little totoro figurineson amazon and i just hot-glued them around to give myselfa little, um, totoro desk lamp. alright, so we are nearing the end of theroom tour. so behind this door is my closet. and i'm really not going to get too far intoit, but i do want to show you guys, uh, my wigstorage because i get asked about it all the time. so let's take a look!

on my closet door here... this is my chair back from one tree hill. it has my name on the other side. we also have circle lenses and little headswith cute headbands and up there we have shoes. we have wig stuff. we have my interesting iron. and, um... we have a little bit of that same floral pennantkind of banner,

and we have more shoes. guess who's obsessed with shoes? me! anyway, so we're here to talk about wig storage. this is my wig storage area. i have all of my wigs organized by color. i have blonde, brown, um, burgundy, auburn, and kind of like naturalreds are in here. we have black. the pastels i have split into warm colorsand cool colors.

so the warms are mostly like these light pinksand um, this warm rainbow one. and the cool colors are like the lavenderpurples, mint, blue, um, basically if you were looking at a color wheel,it's split like that. same with the bright colors down here. i have like my hot pink ones, um, and then i have blue, purple, teal, green. um, just the cooler bright colored ones. so these actually come in sets of two. solike this is one little unit here and i have four of them.

um, so if you have fewer wigs, you wouldn'treally need this much space. so you could either just get one or you couldget two depending on how many wigs you had and needed to store. i think this is a pretty extreme case. so i hope that helps answer your wig storagequestions. i store them in the bags that they come in. it works really well for me. i can alwaysfind, um, exactly what i need based on the color ofthe wig. so that's it. i hope you guys enjoyed hangingout in my room today.

i had a blast showing it to you. and i hope you guys also got some cool ideasfor making your own rooms look super cute. if you like this video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, follow me on social media, and until next time, i love you all very much and i'll see you later! bye! [kiss]