Bay Oil For Hair Growth

Bay Oil For Hair Growth

the benefits of burning bay leaves in yourhome. 1. bay leaves have been used for thousands ofyears all around the world as an alternative medicine. 2.

Bay Oil For Hair Growth, these leaves come from the laurus nobilis,an evergreen tree most commonly called bay laurel. 3. these leaves contain pinene, and cineole.

these are natural oils, which give off a wonderfularomatic smell. 4. you can burn these leaves to relieve stressand tension from the body. 5. the natural aroma, combined with its medicinalproperties seem to calm people down after a busy day. 6. i would recommend burning 1- 3 leaves usinga match. be careful as these leaves can be very inflammableand burn very quickly.

so after lighting them on fire, place themin a fireproof bowl. 7. they will release a powerful aroma, and adark smoke. this will automatically begin to relax yourbody and mind. 8. it is best to burn bay leaves that have beendried out for a few days after picking from the tree. 9. if you are tired, the aroma from these leavescan help to you drift off into a rejuvenating

sleep. 10. do not inhale the smoke directly, as thismay make you cough. burn the leaves on the opposite side of theroom. 11. bay leaves are most commonly used as a spicebut also have many other health benefits, be sure to check see our video “bay leaves:benefits and uses” to learn more. thank you very much for listening, a likeis always appreciated and remember to subscribe for more healthy videos.

i wish you great health, wealth and happiness.