Bay Rum For Hair Growth

Bay Rum For Hair Growth

blue lotus hair & beard serum blue lotus botanicals sent me some of theirhair and beard serum, and let me say, it is fantastic. i absolutely love this product.from the all natural ingredients, to the perfect smell. this serum is fabulous. if you havea beard, of any length or style, this is a product you need. a little goes a long way,and it is worth every penny.

Bay Rum For Hair Growth, never using synthetic ingredients, and onlyselecting organic, responsibly crafted herbs, with all products developed and formulatedby a certified master herbalist, blue lotus is a company unlike most, and that attentionto detail and quality craftsmanship comes through in their serum. the darkened blueglass container houses a dropper that is perfect

for delivering the just the right amount ofserum. so let's discuss usage for a moment. i use about 5-6 drops, and it will fully coat/moisturemy beard! typically, people use too much when it comes to beard oils/serums . and whileit never made my beard greasy or oily if too much was applied, it also wasn't necessaryto use too much. rub a few drops into your hands, and massage that beautiful productinto your beard. with essential oils and beneficial herbs, the intent is to nourish and conditionyour follicles, so don't get violent. this is your baby, after all, it needs to be treatedwith the respect it deserves. be sure to apply thoroughly and use a comb to fully distribute.take your time, enjoy it. savour it. bask in the alluring aroma.

the smell of sandalwood, cedar, and bay rumis just subtle enough to complete your man scarf without being overpowering! when yourspecial someone is nestled in, blue lotus hair & beard serum will encourage them tosmell closer, drawing them into your presence with a persuasiveness of an greek god. strongyet tender, with the gentleness to boost your confidence as a gentleman. the presence of essential oils like avocado,camellia seed, and peach kernel combined with beneficial herbs like nettle, comfrey andcalendula means that you can rest assured knowing your beard will be protected and strengthened,while also maintaining that soft feel that makes you just wanna touch it! never scratchyor wiry, my curly beard relaxed and stayed

hydrated throughout the day. really the onlycomplaint is people keep wanting to feel it, and depending on who it is....that reallyisn't something to complain about now is it? a bottle of blue lotus beard serum can beyours for $15 through blue lotus directly, and it will be prepared, packaged, and shippedby hand and sent to you by an actual person. exclusively through mobielcupofjoe, you canreceive 20% off your order using promo code mcoj20, good through the end of june, 2015.perfect for father's day, or any time. if you’re one of the poor souls who must shaveyour face, you could also get the calendula shea moisturizer and aftershave balm. thissoothing cream can be used daily, and will moisturize and smooth skin without cloggingpores, as well as help heal minor nicks and

cuts from shaving. certified by the green business network, greenproducts alliance, and leaping bunny, blue lotus is on to something special with theirfull line of products. do yourself a favour, and get you....or your man, some blue lotushair & beard serum, and enjoy a full, rich beard. one that is healthy, taken care of,and just simply feels great. there is nothing quite like it!