Bee Repelent

Bee Repelent

hello youtube. today i'm gonna be making myself ahomemade flytrap out of an empty two liter bottle - got a gluegun, some scissors, and some bait. every fly loves hamburger! also i got a drill here,

Bee Repelent, to drill a hole in the cap. there we go.

you wanna cut the top off the bottle there we go, and very important put your bait in there before you go sealing the top on there.if you don't have you have a hot glue gun a roll of duct tape or electrical tape shouldwork just fine but since i got this i'm gonna go ahead and use it. okay it's finished. not much to it, takes about two minutesand you know

again you don't have to use the hot glue you can use tape. you just want to seal it up so they can't get back out so the idea is there gonna fly down inthrough the little hole there and with their flight patterns theyshouldn't be able to fly back outta there they should become trapped inside there. i'm gonna put one last finishing touch on it and this has absolutely nothing to dowith catching the flies just my own personal finishing touch and that is a picture of admiral akbar to go on there.

why? because it's a trap! so let's see what we catch. and we're back. i've had this sitting outsideabout two hours, and i've caught 1234 5678 flies so that's four flies an hour or a fly every 15minutes, so not too bad. zoom in here and, get you a good look at them. so that's eight less flies that'll be buzzing around and messing with my barbecue. so this is a quick and easy fly trap you can make with just a two liter, a pair of scissors, hotglue, and some tape and drill a hole in the lid and they're notflying back out of there.

hope you enjoyed the video hope it helps and thanks for watching. it's a trap! it's a trap!