Bee Repellent Spray

Bee Repellent Spray

hey guys, chrisfix here and today i want to explain to you why you should not use bug spray on your headlights to make them clear again. you might have seen something like this, where you use bug spray with deet in it in this case, 25%

Bee Repellent Spray, and you spray it on the headlight to remove the haze first off, you do not want to spray this directly onto the headlight you have all your paint and rubber trim here that can get damaged if you do that you want to spray the bug spray onto the towel

[aerosol spray sound] the reason why the headlight is getting so clear is because the deet actually melts the plastic on the headlight and the oils that are in the spray fill the pores of the headlight plastic as well you can see all of the oxidation and residue that comes off the headlight with the deet it does a really good job of cleaning it off but that is because it is dissolving the plastic and if you dont believe me that it is dissolving the plastic

the lens is actually tacky you can see my finger sticking to it and you can actually see my fingerprint that it leaves on here. that is because the plastic is dissolved so it is a tacky surface now you can see this looks amazing and i wish it could stay like this but it wont i wanted to test the long term clarity of using bug spray but just 2 days later

the headlight started getting hazy again. although this might work to get your headlights clear for am automotive inspection so you can pass inspection... it wont last there are other better methods that you can use i dont recommend using bug spray to clean your headlights because the deet will continue to dissolve the plastic until it washes off and then as it rains, it will wash off down onto your bumper, onto your paint and it will damage the clear coat on your paint

and it will damage your bumper if you have plastic bumpers now i am not saying that this doesn't have its applications sure, in some situations, this might be useful i would try bug spray as a last resort method to try and clean your headlights before you replace them but there are other methods that work just as well and they pose less of a risk for your paint and plastic and everything because these other methods do not dissolve plastic but if you do want to try this method

like i said, make sure you spray it on a paper towel first and then wipe the paper towel on the lens also, do not let the deet stay on your headlight give it about 10 minutes to do its thing but then clean it off very good, multiple times, to prevent damage i also tried this out on my truck's headlights since i need to replace them anyway you can see this headlight had a problem with a lot of cracking and this is where the bug spray worked pretty well and i would actually consider it

because this headlight is bad otherwise so as a final note does bug spray actually make your headlights clear? yes it does does it do it in an effective way? i do not think so in less than a month your headlights are going to get dull again and not only that, you are risking damage to your paint's clear coat

and the plastic bumper that this might get on i'd like you guys to comment below if you have tried this before or what methods you have tried before and how long they lasted i am sure there will be many people reading the comments and i am sure they would love to hear what you had to say if you want a home remedy that is safer to use than the bug spray and will give you similar results try using toothpaste

i made a video using toothpaste to clean the headlights and make them clear again so you can see the results which will surprise you to get to that video you can click on the screen or you can click on the link in the description below but before you do that remember to share this with your friends so they do not damage their headlights or their paint

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