Best Essential Oils For Adhd

Best Essential Oils For Adhd

problems for boys and while the problems can subside over time, they never completely go away. essential oils have been used for thousands of years for

Best Essential Oils For Adhd, everything from medicine to massages. and now some parents are claiming that essential oils

like lavender and sandalwood calm their children who have awe tis and i'm help them sleep better. but is it true? cbs2's dr. max gomez tells us, sam has autism and would use things like electronics to distract himself and delay his

bedtime. then his mother started using essential oils, putting things like afternoonter and frank incense on his head and feet. now sam's bedtime battles are over. it has gotten so much if i have to go up maybe once

to tell him to stay in his room, that's it. versus 10 to 15 times before. reporter: talk of essential oils in autism is virtually everywhere online from personal blogs to parent support sites. they are reporting that they've seen improvements in

quality of life and transitioning in their children throughout the day. but these are anecdotal. reporter: so researchers at the ohio university wechsler medical center are studying two mixtures of 18 different essential oils to see if they

are safe for children with autism and to see if they work. during the study, parents rub oil on their children in the morning, then use a diffuser in their bedrooms at night to see what effect the oils have on sleep, children wear watch-like devices that record activity

levels. what we find is a lot of these children wake up during the night and it will capture those times. so it has the minutes awake and minutes asleep, et cetera. reporter: moms like shannon say they appreciate that

researchers have taken a cue from them and are willing to study less conventional forms of therapy. there are so many thousands of us parents across the world that are treating our kids with autism. reporter: desperate parents

try many different types of therapy on their children with having scientific data helps determine if they work and how they should be applied, possibly saving parents money and time wasted, using ineffective treatments.