Best Essential Oils For Curly Hair

Best Essential Oils For Curly Hair

today i wanted to talk to you about the hairoil recipe that i created. it is so good, look, i have been using it up for the lastfew weeks i'm really impressed with the oil so far because i haven't had much issues withdandruff since i have been using it and it has only been a few weeks. after sufferinga couple months with dry scalp, i am slowly getting my life back. it's that serious. i'mgetting such great results with the hair oil,

Best Essential Oils For Curly Hair, like my onesie?. so warm. i recently sharedmy hair oil recipe video, if you missed it please check out this video here. my scalpwas not prepared for the change in winter weather, i went from warm weather my hairwas moisturized, no problems with dry scalp and now i'm in cold weather i wasn't moisturizingas much and my hair was drying very quickly,

i wasn't drinking a lot of water either. iwas struggling with regard to getting my scalp moisturized and keeping it moisturized andthe itching started and it would not stop and then the dryness and the flaking. it wasn'tsnowing outside but scalp was providing enough flakes for a snowfall. it was really bad.i had to find a way to relieve my scalp because i was in a lot of pain. my scalp was inflamedand scarred from the shedding. i have not experienced such dry and cold weather before.i went from a temperature of 25 degrees celsius fahrenheit in the bahamas to 5 degrees celsiusin china. the change was too much for my scalp to transition. it was a drastic change formy scalp and it was a drastic change for me so my scalp was like, ahhhh... help, the oil i have, sesame, jamaican black

castor oil, jcbo, rosehip seed oil, jojobaoil and peppermint essential oil. the peppermint essential oil is the most important it ishelping my scalp to recover. i didn't know that essential oils were so important foryour hair, when you use it in your hair, it has a cooling effect on psoriasis, eczema. it should not be usedon its own but with a carrier oil. it balances your ph, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, rejuvenates hairfollicles, improves your scalp's health, eliminates dry scalp and fights bacteria. my scalp islike *angels singing*. and i haven't washed my hair in two weeks. whatever it is winter,it' cold, how do people wash their hair everyday in winter, it's cold, freezing. how do youwash your hair everyday. all the oils combined not only help you with eliminating dry scalp,it also helps with hair growth. that was not

my point of making this oil, but while puttingthe oils together, each one promotes length retention and prevents hair loss and hairfall. who doesn't want their hair to grow? not everyone, i like my hair, i like how itis growing and i want it to grow some more. sesame oil, jbco, rose hip seed oil, jojobaoil & peppermint oil all combine to create a super oil, that helps your hair grow. iuse this oil every other day. i'm just going to show you how i do it. i just massage theoil on my scalp, like so and i do this throughout my hair of course and then i gently massage.the peppermint oil has a nice cooling effect on your scalp, it really tames that itch anddiscomfort and relaxes your scalp. i need to use this to regrow my eyebrows is whati need to do. grow eyebrows grow, you've been

thinning and disappearing on me. if you liethis video, give it a thumbs up. share it with your friends, and also subscribe, seeyou all soon. deuces! i'm having a moment here. "singing " bye