Essential Oil Body Wrap

Essential Oil Body Wrap

- hey friends, thank youguys so much for watching. today i'm gonna be sharingdo-it-yourself bath bomb ideas. you know the holidays aregonna be around the corner so i felt like now is thetime that i start sharing these do-it-yourself gift ideas because

Essential Oil Body Wrap, you guys can pre make itbefore the holiday, so thank... - [voiceover] and i'm superexcited to share that this is a collaboration videowith my friend rocio. she's gonna be sharing thebest ever hot chocolate recipe

that she created, i'm soexcited for you guys to watch it 'cuz i actually got tosee the preview video and her recipe looks sogood, i have to try it. you guys have to try it too, so i'll link her video down below, please be sure to subscribe to my beautiful friend rocio. i actually got the honor of meeting her when i was visiting newyork and i immediately was so drawn to her, she is just

so sweet, so kind and so funny. i hope you guys check herout, out her channel and subscribe and let's get startedwith this bath bomb video. so let's get startedwith what you'll need. i'll also be sure to include everything in the information box down below. you'll need baking soda,citric acid, cornstarch, epsom salt, vitamin e oil,any type of essential oils but because this is a rose bath bomb

i chose to use rose essential oil. as far as the bath bomb iactually found it on amazon but i'm sure you canfind it at hobby lobby. you'll also need food coloringand, this is optional, but you can also buy somedried up roses and lavender. so in a large bowl, place the citric acid, cornstarch, epsom salt and baking soda, and make sure to whisk that together. in a separate cup placevitamin e oil, water,

essential oil and food coloring and you're gonna whiskthat together as well. (upbeat instrumental music) so this is the crucialpart, just gradually add that mixture together while whisking. you don't wanna pour the liquid completely in all at once because it'll activate it, so just gradually do it by whisking slowly and adding gradually.

once it's completely mixed add some roses and then you're ready to place the mixture into the bath bombmold, really pack it in. i noticed the more you packit in and really push it in, the more formed the bath bomb is. once you've done that, i actually like to freeze mine for about an hour to get it really hardened and completely dry. and then you're ready toremove it off the bath bomb

and there it is, ado-it-yourself bath bomb. it's such a great giftidea for the holidays or just for any reason or any time for you to give gifts to yourselfby pampering yourself. i also have a lavenderand a mocha chocolate one. and these are some ways that you can actually decorate it or gift give them. my favorite is just in a cutebox from the dollar tree. i'll also put the otheringredients down below.

thank you friends so much for watching. i hope you guys enjoyed these bath bombs. you can mix and match and play around with what you want as faras your scents and colors, but this is just kinda like the base. so now that you knowhow to make bath bombs you can make every differentkind that you want. i love you friends, thank you so much. if you enjoyed thisvideo give it a thumbs up

and i'll see you guysin my next video, bye. - [rocio] and the point ofthis hot chocolate recipe is to layer the levels andthe flavors of chocolate so it's constantly a newchocolate flavor being thrown at you as you drinkit, and yeah, that's--