Essential Oil Shampoo Recipe

Essential Oil Shampoo Recipe

hi friends! i hope you guys are all doing well. today i'm gonna show you how to make a do-it-yourself hot oiltreatment for your hair. it will leave your hairfeeling so soft and so smooth

Essential Oil Shampoo Recipe, and also so shiny. let's begin with our ingredients. you will need coconut oil whichconditions and moisturizes the hair, gives yourhair more body and volume

and reduces protein loss on hair. you will also need honeywhich leaves your hair shiny, softens it and avoids hair loss. this is completely optionalbut you can also add peppermint oil which alsocreates blood circulation and gives a nice tinglysensation on your scalp. in a bowl, cup or ramekinplace two tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of honey and a couple of drops of peppermint oil.

you're ready to microwavefor about thirty seconds. make sure not to handleit when it's too hot so depending on how yourmicrowave heats things up, and then with wet hair, iwent ahead and wet my hair underneath the sink, andthen apply your hair mask. make sure to apply thehair mask on your roots to stimulate the roots, andalso create blood circulation. if you want to evenlydistribute the hair mask all over your hair, you canalso use a fine tooth comb.

tie your hair up in a bun,and if you have a shower cap, cover your hair with a shower cap. since i did not havethat, i went ahead and i recycled and used a plastic bag. just tie the plastic bag around your head. leave it on for an hour or even two hours if you have that time,and then after that, you're ready to shampooand condition your hair. this treatment is perfect for once a week.

it will leave your hairshiny, and super soft. i shampood my hair and then iconditioned my hair as well. i let it air dry and theni went to bed, and as i was in bed, i kept touching myhair because the hair mask really softened up my hair. it really worked, you guys! today is the next day, and i went ahead and i showered and i conditioned again, and then i let my hair air dry.

what i did was, i just brushed my hair. my hair is naturally straight,but it's so shiny and soft and i really feel likethe hair mask did wonders. i hope that you guys like this video. thank you so much for watching. if you like these typesof videos please like it. let me know what othervideos you'd like to watch in the comment section,and remember to subscribe! i'm here every monday andfriday with new videos.

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