Essential Oils Fertility

Essential Oils Fertility

hey guys, dr. axe here. i want to share withyou how essential oils can help naturally balance out your hormones, and in this videoi'll talk about the specific oils that can benefit progesterone balance, estrogen balance,help improve thyroid issues, and also for men help naturally boost low testosterone.there are three main essential that we're going to benefit from learning here -- clarysage, thyme oil, and sandalwood oil.

Essential Oils Fertility, clary sage, its biggest benefit is that ithelps balance out estrogen production in the body. we know that a lot of health issuestoday, even things like infertility, pcos, estrogen-based cancers are caused from excessestrogen in the body. so we know that clary sage helps balance out those estrogen levels,and that's why it's such an effective essential

oil in the treatment of hormone whether you're struggling with pms during the month or possibly you know you have excessestrogen in the body, clary sage is a great essential oil to consider to adding in youressential oil regime. the next oil is thyme essential oil, and thymeoil helps benefit the body by improving progesterone production. we know both men and definitelya lot of women are low in progesterone, and low progesterone levels have been linked withinfertility, they have been linked with pcos, they've been linked with depression as wellas other imbalanced hormones within the body. so thyme essential oil is the next essentialoil you can use to naturally balance out hormones in your body.

then sandalwood oil is very, very effectiveat balancing out testosterone levels both in men and women. sandalwood has actuallyalso been used as a natural aphrodisiac and been used in men's cologne for years as wellas certain feminine perfumes. it really just has an amazing, amazing scent to it. but ifyou're a male with low testosterone, adding a few drops of sandalwood oil into your homemadedeodorant or your own homemade lotion is a great thing to do. that's one of my favoriteways to get essential oils is simply take some coconut oil with the oil itself and rubit on different areas of your body. and because essentials oils are so small, so small molecularly,they actually can get from your skin into your body and you can get full body effectssimply by putting essential oils directly

on the skin. a few other essential oils that we know dobalance and support hormone health in the body. we know rose oil does. rose oil hasbeen used also as an aphrodisiac and as a natural mood lifter. it's been shown to helpin improving serotonin and other neuropeptides in the brain, sort of those good mood rose oil is effective for that. we've also found that lavender oil and chamomileoil are effective at reducing stress, which can naturally lower cortisol levels whichis very, very important to the body as well when it's trying to overcome disease. in general,some of the best essential oils for thyroid function and autoimmune issues can be thingslike frankincense oil. we know frankincense

oil reduces inflammation which can also helpthose cortisol levels. so again, if you want to personally have morebalanced hormones, i recommend considering clary sage oil along with thyme oil and thensandalwood oil specifically for men. you can just put a few drops on your hand and rubit on your skin or combine them with some of your own personal care products. hey guys. this has been dr. axe talking aboutessential oils for hormones. if you enjoyed this video on essential oils, make sure youget my free e-book on, it's called "the king's medicine cabinet." it's your guide,full guide, it's a $25 value. it's a free full-access guide to essential oils.

hey guys, this has been dr. axe. thanks forwatching.