Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

- hey everybody, it'samy here; happy monday. i'm here with some more tips on how to get the most out ofyour essential oils, and this morning we're talking about lavender essential oil,another favorite of mine.

Essential Oils For Bed Bugs, so i have six differentways that you can use it, six ways that i like to use it, and i hope that you can atleast take one of these things and that they'll be helpful to you.

so the first, i actuallylike to use lavender as, in my drawers or in mycloset for a freshener. and how i do that is itake a coffee filter, and i put a little bitof baking soda in it, a couple drops of my oil, i just, you know, you can tie it with anything. if you want it to be reallypretty, if you're like crafty, get some nice ribbon, i just tie it, use a twist-tie, whatever,and i stick it in a drawer,

or in my closet, and then that helps keep things smelling good, which is sometimes an uphillbattle, let's be honest. so i like it for that, andthe other way i love to use it is for bugs, it's a great repellant, and what's also great about it is if you forgot to put onsomething to repel bugs, you can use it becauseit's really soothing. so just to have a littlebit on maybe a bite

or an irritation, and you're good to go. it's super calming, super gentle. so it's great for everybody. the other thing, i love it for car rides. we're not in the car alot, but when we are, it's usually for a long amount of time. so what i can do, youcan buy a car diffuser, or a really affordable way to do it is to just get a clothespin,you can get a couple drops

of oil right on your clothespinand clip it on your air vent or you could even glue acotton ball to the clothespin and put drops on the cotton ball, you could put drops on a kleenex, just be creative; buti love it for the car. it kinda helps keep things,keep everybody happy. sleep, we all love lavenderfor sleep; can't go wrong. so put some in yourdiffuser, a couple drops, put a couple drops on your pillow,

put a couple drops on yourself. just use your lavender;you'll be glad you did. the next one is cleaning;there's so many oils you can use for cleaning, but lavender's areally good one for cleaning. and i don't clean with vinegar, because i feel like my oils are enough, but i know a lot ofpeople still use vinegar in maybe a surfacespray, and so you would, if you use lavender, itkinda helps cut the scent

of the vinegar, becausethat's not my favorite smell. and last, lavender's reallygood for respiratory support, so if you're strugglingwith seasonal issues, or anything respiratory,you can literally, i just put my finger on top ofthe bottle with the cap off, and i just rub it acrossthe bridge of my nose. i feel like it really opens things up, and is super supportive. so there's some new waysto use your lavender oil.

maybe not new to you, but... so go use your lavender,put it by your bed, put some in your car, or you know, don't keep it in your car,it's not good in the heat. but take it with you whenyou go into your car. so that's my tip for today;i will do some more oils this week, but i hope thatyou all are ready to go use your lavender oil,because oils on the shelf do no good for anybody,so go use it, all right?

have a great day.