Essential Oils For Bruises And Swelling

Essential Oils For Bruises And Swelling

hello and welcome to another video from theenglish aromatherapist, or should i say 'bonjour' because today we're talking about a frenchessential oil company called florihana i'm often asked for advice about which essentialoil brands you can really trust. although i'm from the uk, about 60% of myfollowers are actually based in america and canada

Essential Oils For Bruises And Swelling, so i thought it would be useful to talk aboutsome essential oil brands that are available over there, as well as in the uk. unfortunately, we know that the essentialoil market is flooded with cheap, synthetic and adulterated essential oils and it's notalways easy to find a reputable brand of essential oils that you can trust.

i've spoken before about why i personallychoose not to use the 2 big mlm brands, so today i'm introducing florihana. the florihana distillery is set in provence,in france, in an area that's known as the 'french riviera'. their distillery is set among acres of stunninglavender fields. with over 20 years' experience in distillingessential oils, florihana has established a reputation of quality and purity. florihana has a fabulous range of organicaromatherapy products, including over 100 single essential oils, as well as carrieroils, hydrosols, absolutes and many other aromatherapy products. you might have heard of florihana, but didyou know you can buy their products directly

from their website, wherever you are in theworld? and if you're based in america, you can evenget free fedex delivery on orders over $100 florihana has a commitment to quality that ireally respect. they combine a love for nature and the environmentwith a hi-tech distillery process that uses cutting-edge technology. on my blog, i've written more about some ofthe unique ways they use technology to ensure their essential oils are distilled to thehighest quality. florihana offers a really impressive rangeof essential oils, with everything from well-known favourites such as lavender - they actuallyoffer 4 different types of lavender

to rarer oils, such as golden rod and inula. most of their essential oils are certifiedorganic, and - as you can see - each oil carries their signature cyan blue lid and each onealso comes in its own little protective container, with the batch information printed right thereon the lid. here we have thyme linalol, peppermint andlavender vera wild. this is actually the nicest lavenderessential oil i have ever smelled. some people think they don't like lavender- try this one, it's really gorgeous! everybody wants to know about price, and i'vetried so many essential oil brands over the years if i've learned anything, it's that higherprices don't always necessarily mean higher quality.

i think florihana offers amazing value formoney, and their prices are so reasonable compared to some of the big mlm brands, whichmeans you can build up a really nice collection of essential oils. all their products are available in varioussizes, and i love that their absolutes start at a tiny 2g which makes the more expensiveoils more accessible, and it's easier to widen your collection without spending a fortuneon lots of large bottles. florihana's commitment to quality and purityis really important and i feel that's what makes them stand out from other cheaper brands. i also like that they promote safe usage ofessential oils.

all their oils are stored at cool temperaturesto minimise any deterioration, and they have strict hygiene standards to ensure cleanlinesswithin their distillery. each label includes a distillation date anda batch number, for ultimate traceability. they also provide unique gc/ms reports foreach batch, which can downloaded directly from their website. a full information profile is also providedfor each essential oil, and there are various data sheets you can download to explore theirtherapeutic properties, chemical properties and further information. as well as essential oils, florihana alsosupplies a great range of carrier oils and hydrosols - also known as hydrolats.

hydrosols are really popular now, and they'regreat as a safer alternative to use when essential oils might be a little bit too strong. this is a lavender hydrosol, which is greatto use with children. you could use it on yourself as a facial toner,you could make a linen spray. remember, with hydrosols - the smell is notexactly the same as the essential oil, it's quite a different scent. recently, florihana has also branched outinto skin care, with a cosmetic range that includes cleansers, moisturizers and showerproducts. all the products in its cosmetics range includeat least 50% certified organic ingredients,

which is actually more than the industry standard. 'green beauty' is so popular now, and allthe products in florihana's cosmetic range are made with 100% natural ingredients andfree of parabens, synthetic fragrances or other chemical nasties. it's nice to know that you're putting somethingreally good on your skin. i've been using this 3 roses face cream, whichis so nourishing and feels so luxurious on your skin. i've also been using their wild lavender showergel, which smells gorgeous and has a lovely shimmery purple tint to it. it's easy to see why their cosmetic rangeis so popular - they're such lovely products, and it's a really nice way to enjoy aromatherapyand know that you're using something really

pure and natural on your skin. would i recommend florihana as an essentialoil brand? yes, i would! sometimes, it's not always easy to find justone aromatherapy company that fulfils all your needs. but with a great range of essential oils,carrier oils, and other products, florihana is definitely a great place to start. the only drawback is that they don't sellpre-mixed blends, but apart from that, they have a fantastic product range and you knowthat you're getting 100% pure, good quality essential oils. you can have fun making your own blends anyway.

overall, florihana offers: fantastic products,fabulous packaging, affordable prices, great quality, traceability, and gc/ms transparency. so yes, i would definitely recommend florihanaas an essential oil brand. i've put a link to their website in the descriptionbelow. don't forget to check out their american websiteif you're based over in the states. that's all for now, i hope you enjoyed thisvideo review. don't forget to click 'subscribe' if you haven'talready, and i'll see you next time. i hope enjoyed this video. if you want to learn more about essentialoils and aromatherapy

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