Essential Oils For Earache

Essential Oils For Earache

the most common reasons for earache are cold bacterial infection wax and allergies. sometimes water gets into the ear when bathing or swimming that also can be the causes of earache. home remedies

Essential Oils For Earache, can soothe the infection and severity for the most part. 1. mustard oil. mustard oil is an excellent home remedy for earache take a little oil in a pot and

microwave it for a minute with a moderate heat. then put three drops of warm mustard oil in the infected ear. you should use this remedy 3 x of the day to get the desired result. 2 garlic garlic is a natural antibiotics garlic can cure bacterial infection if you want to apply this remedy take fresh slices of garlic and extract them. then apply a

few drops the garlic extract in the ear. you can also mix any olive or mustard oil to make this remedy more effective. 3. ginger. ginger is an excellent painkiller along with its anti-inflammatory properties it can cure any kind of bacterial infection in the deep ear. to try this remedy you need some fresh slices of ginger. afterwards, drying the

ginger slices you can use ginger extract alone or can mix it with oils for maximum benefit. if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. if you want more health and beauty tips don't forget to subscribe our channel