Essential Oils For Eyelash Growth

Essential Oils For Eyelash Growth

hi guys, i'm cammie, and welcome to my youtubechannel! since this is my first ever video i figured before we even get into makeup let'sgo to the base of it all and talk about skin care. so i'm a very firm believer in if youstart with a good base then you won't have to do so much work when you do your makeupand hair or anything really in life. if you prepare more you won't have to primp so much!skin care is extra important to me because

Essential Oils For Eyelash Growth, unfortunately i struggled a lot with acne.growing up i developed blemishes and breakouts when i was going through puberty, like mostpeople out there. so i didn't really think much of it. just used products, tried to getrid of it. but once i started to finish high school and go into college and stopped goingthrough puberty when i thought it would clear

up and it didn't kinda started to freak outa little bit. having this acne that i couldn't get rid of caused me a lot of stress and thenthe stress intern caused more acne. so i felt like i was stuck in this never ending cycleand there was no way out of it. i tried absolutely everything, from proactive to murad to...honestlyany product you can think of, i tried them all! and most of these products say that it'sgoing to get worse before it gets better so i stuck to them. i would use them for at leasta month, if not more, and my acne would get worse but then it would never get each product i used made it worse and worse and worse. i actually started developing thesecystic pimples, and if you don't know what those are, they're these really really nastypimples that don't even have a head, so you

can't pop them! and if you've ever had a cysticpimple and tried to pick it, you know that when you do they get bigger. i eventuallydecided to give in and realized i was not going to be able to fix the problem alone,or so i thought. so i went to a dermatologist, she sat across the room from me, at leastfive or six feet away didn't even come close to my skin, talked to me for maybe two minutesand then prescribed this incredibly harsh acne product gel that i was supposed to putall over my face and sleep in. all this did was insanely dry my skin out. like i wouldwake up the next day and it looked like i just had a bad burn. my skin was pealing andugh it was so gross! this was really discouraging. i thought going to a dermatologist was goingto solve all my problems and it only made

them worse. i just kind of lost all hope andthought great i'm stuck with this awful skin, and now it's dry. so, i don't even know howi had pimples and dry skin like is that even possible? that doesn't make any sense. it'slike, i don't know. it's crazy but it happened. after this long ordeal of trying productsout, i found out that i was allergic to chemicals that are commonly in like all acne products.the chemicals i'm allergic to are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, or somethinglike that. i don't even know how to say it but whatever if i see it i steer clear fromit. so since i have this allergy it makes my skin freak out. so instead of doing thejob of drying out the pimples individually it dies out my whole skin, breaks me out ina rash and just makes a horrible situation.

it turns out this is actually a really commonallergy even though i can't believe i had never heard of it before and nobody talkedabout it. and a lot of people who suffer from it keep using products like i did and maketheir skin worse and just have no idea that they're allergic to the chemical. after findingthis out i was kind of happy because i could stop using products that had the chemicalin it but i was also kind of discouraged because now how would i ever get rid of my acne? butluckily after using any products that had the two chemicals in them my skin did startto kind of clear up. i had acne spots in areas but it was much much better than it was. atthis point a lot of the stuff where my cystic pimples were, more on my cheeks and my chin,went away but i still had a lot of just typically

pimples all on my forehead and like on thesides of nose and then a lot of blackheads everywhere. i'll insert pictures that i foundthat kind of show my acne. honestly i searched forever through my computer, through old facebookpictures, and they're hard to find cause i was so mortified and upset about it that inever posted pictures where you could really tell about how bad my acne was. you can noticein some of these pictures i like am blurring the tops of them to try to hide how bad myacne was on my forehead. when i would take a selfie it would be like eyebrows down soyou couldn't see the really bad areas but luckily there's a few candids so you can kindof see what it was looking like but, like i said, i was so mortified by it there wasno way i was letting these pictures get out

to the world. after this very long journeywith me and my horrible skin i started doing my own research on products. one day i stumbledacross this new technique called the oil cleansing method. basically you take oil and you rubit on your dry skin, makeup on and all. sounds absolutely insane, like i read that and laughed.why would i take oil to put on my oily skin, how's that going to help me at all. but youknow what, i kinda got desperate so i gave it a shot! again everything i read said expectit to get worse before it gets better, nothing new. but honestly i didn't notice it get thatmuch worse, if worse at all. maybe if anything it was like a week or two it got a littlebit worse but within a month i noticed major changes in my skin. i could tell that thismethod was working. these little changes in

my skin gave me like this dash of hope thatthere was a chance for me to have clear skin so i was just ready to stick to it and seewhat would happen. as the months went on my skin improved just immensely. it's kind ofinsane to think back and think that like i had to be careful of the angle i took a picturein or spent so much time trying to find a concealer that would cover up all the differenttypes of acne that i had. it just saves me so much time and so much stress and reallychanged my life completely. i do want to note that this is a method, it's not a specificproduct so i'm not endorsing any product by any means. you can purchase these oils inany way you'd like, any different brand you'd like. it's just the method that i want toteach you guys! okay,so now that we've talked

about my back story and how i came to findthe oil cleansing method, i'm going to show you how to do the oil cleansing method! beforeyou get started with actually cleansing your skin you're going to need to pick the oilsthat you want to use. most of the recipes, i guess we'll call them, that you find onlinehave a base of castor oil. so this the one that i use, it's um home health. i just boughtit from the vitamin shoppe. i believe that they also have an online website, might bewrong about that but you can buy it in most wellness stores. you could buy it's a pretty common household item so just simple castor oil. the castor oil acts asyour astringent. it's going to be what really gets all the dirt out and clears up your skin.but it can also be a little bit drying so

you're going to need a second oil to kindof balance out the drying affect of the castor oil. there's different second oils recommendeddepending on what site you look at online. i kind of got lucky and the first one i triedwas the sweet almond oil. this one i got was kind of expensive. i got it from whole foodsand i think it was like fifteen dollars for this tiny little thing. this thing was likefive bucks so that was kind of expensive to me, i'll probably stick to buying it fromthe vitamin shoppe or online next time. the castor oil however has lasted me forever!this is only my second bottle and it's not even half way down and i've been doing thismethod for a year and a half now. some other oils you can use are; hazelnut, olive oil,avocado oil, there's a bunch of different

kinds. you just have to find the one thatworks best for your skin. i will put links bellow in the description box that give youarticles that explain different oils you can use and the affects that they'll potentiallyhave on your skin. so you're not going into this completely blind with guessing whichoil to use. the other thing to take into consideration before starting the process is the ratio ofcastor oil and your second oil. this ratio is basically based on if you have oily, dryor combination skin. the dryer your skin is the more secondary oil you're going to needto use because the castor oil's so drying. so kind of common sense that if your skin'sreally dry you don't want to use too much castor oil or it'll just dry out your skineven more. when i first started i was measuring

them and trying a couple different process,now i really just squeeze it into my hand. i think i really use more castor oil and mostwebsites don't recommend that but it's just what i found to work best for me. your ratiosare like figuring out how much creamer you want in your coffee. you just have to testit out and see what one makes your skin feel right. and it's pretty easy to tell what one'sleaving your skin too oily or too dry. okay! so let's get into the actual method, finally!what you're going to need are your two oils, a washcloth and some hot water and that'sit. start by making sure your hands are washed so you're not rubbing germs into your skin.then you're going to take the castor oil and squeeze the desired amount into your you're going to take your secondary oil

and squeeze the desired amount of that alsointo the palm of your hand. now just blend the two oils together using your hand. andi know this sounds really weird because your skin's dry and most people are used to washingtheir face when it's wet but you're just going to massage it into the skin, completely dry,makeup on. if you were working out, the sweat. whatever. just rub it into your skin in circularmotions. try your best to just enjoy this, treat it like a little facial massage becauseyou want to do it for at least two minutes. i like to focus on the areas where i havemore breakouts or i'm breakout prone. so i will really rub it into my nose, on the sides.i can kind of feel where those blackheads might be. really want to get in there. maybefocus on that a little bit longer. around

my hair line where makeup might build up orsweat. the oil is the best makeup remover i've ever used. so you can use it right onyour eyes. it won't hurt your eyes. try not to get it in there, be careful, be also don't want to be too rough around the skin around your eyes because it's sosensitive there. i put a decent amount of makeup on my eyebrows so i also like to makesure i rub in there. go both ways. little bonus, the oils can actually help your hairto grow. so i like to really rub with the direction i'd like my eyebrows to be growingto kind of promote that growth. typically i like to do this method before getting inthe shower just because taking it off can get a little bit messy and when i do it beforegetting in the shower i'll also bring this

oil down my neck to make sure i remove anydirt, germs, oil, etc. that has gotten there. once you're satisfied with the amount thatyou've rubbed into your skin you are going to run hot water. once your water's hot enoughand it's a good temperature you're going to soak your washcloth and wring it out so there'sno excess water so it's not dripping. and you're going to place the wash cloth overyour skin. i like to start working from up on my forehead and work my way down. onceyou hold it over a specific area you'll notice makeup and grime on it so you want to, again,soak it in the hot water. let that all get off the wash cloth, wring it out, and thendo it again until you've gotten all over your face. i like to hold it a little bit longeron my t zone to make sure it gets all that

dirt and grime out of there. the steam reallygets into my pores and opens them up. once you feel like you've steamed out the wholearea of your skin. you're just going to go over all of it one last time, wiping supergently so you don't irritate your skin. make sure you just get rid of any excess oil becauseyou don't want any product left on after, or it can cause breakouts. just make sureyou got everything removed, following the hairline, under the jaw, etc. so that's it!you did the whole method, it's super easy. just blend those together, put it on yourskin and remove it. when i started the method i was doing it roughly every other night untilmy skin cleared up. now i think i've cut back. it's like maybe twice a week really. and ijust go in there to get deep cleans every

once in a while, which has really worked forme. and then you just want to be sure to put on whatever moisturizer you use after themethod. you'd be surprised, even if you have oily skin, a lot of times acne is caused byyour skin drying out and then it naturally wanting to produce more oils to make up forthat lack of oil from it getting dried out from those harsh chemicals. even if you'renot allergic to benzoyl peroxide or anything, you could be overly drying your skin and that'scausing acne. so this is a great way to really lock in moisture,while cleaning it out andgetting rid of those blemishes. so thanks so much for watching guys! i really hope thismethod works some of you. if you try it out or have any more questions, comment belowand let me know how it's going or any other

tips you might need. be sure to subscribefor new videos every single monday. i hope you like my first video and hopefully therewill be many more to come! love you guys, thank you! bye!