Essential Oils For Pms

Essential Oils For Pms

it is of no surprise that our bodies change as we age. this is particularly true for women,who tend to experience unpleasant symptoms, including hot flashes, memory loss and moodswings. luckily, essential oils can help. one oil in particular, clary sage oil, offersmany benefits to older women. today’s video will discuss these benefits and how to properlyuse this oil.

Essential Oils For Pms, 1. tackles menstrual painclary sage can reduce, or eliminate entirely, the symptoms and discomforts of pms. thisincludes, but is not limited to, cramping, bloating, food cravings and mood swings. researchby the oxford brooks university has also shown that this essential oil can be of benefitduring childbirth, as it can cause relaxation

and alleviate pain. it is recommended to usethis essential oil as a massaging lotion. mix five drops into some coconut oil to createa nice, aromatic massaging lotion. 2. treats and prevents infectionsclary sage also has antiseptic properties, which means it can clean out wounds and preventinfections. however, essential oils tend to be very strong. that is why a little can goa long way. so, only use a few drops in the wound and no more than five at any given time. 3. balances hormonesclary sage helps the body with the production of estrogen. it can also help with the body’suterine health and prevent uterine and ovarian cancers. it is important to produce the correctamount of estrogen, no more, no less. an excessive

amount of estrogen can cause estrogen-basedcancer, polycystic ovaries and infertility. the essential oil can also help with depression,by increasing the cortisol levels. 4. improves skinclary sage has the ability to reduce inflammation, reduce the appearance of rashes and preventacne breakouts. it keeps the skin moist, supple and elastic. this oil can also reduce thesigns of aging by filling in wrinkles and clearing up blotches. 5. reduces stressclary sage can help the body relax by reducing any stress or anxiety that is plaguing such, it can increase confidence and help you become more mentally strong and readyto face the day. for best results, add 6 drops

of clary sage essential oil with 2 drops ofeither frankincense or orange essential oil into a diffuser. results should occur quickly. 6. improves circulationsince clary sage oil relaxes the body, it can also relax muscles and arteries. therefore,it reduces blood pressure and helps aid in circulation. because oxygen is flowing moreefficiently and bountifully, the body’s metabolic rate increases, also. simply mix6 drops clary sage oil, 12 drops mandarin oil, 6 drops of rose geranium and 3 dropsof cinnamon. place all into a spray bottle and then fill the rest of the way with water.then, spray over body and face as needed. 7. helps digestion and cholesterolclary sage oil helps to produce stomach bile

and gastric juice. therefore, it speeds upmetabolism while reducing bloating, cramps and indigestion. it can also help to regulatebowel movements and prevent constipation. it can also help to protect the heart andnaturally lower cholesterol levels. for best results, it is recommended to massage a mixtureof the oil and coconut oil directly onto your abdomen. you can also use a hot compress with5 drops of clary sage essential oils soaked into it. 8. helps sleepsince clary sage oil promotes relaxation, it is an excellent all-natural sedative. youcan make a balm at home to assist in this. to do that, mix 10 drops of clary sage oilwith 10 drops lavender essential oil and place

in a double boiler. add â½ cup coconut oil,â½ cup olive oil and â½ cup beeswax. stir for approximately ten minutes and the pourinto containers to cool. then, apply directly to skin to promote a deep, relaxing sleep. it is important to note that clary sage shouldnot be used, especially directly on the abdomen, by pregnant women. the oil is absorbed intothe body and can affect the growing fetus and cause uterine contractions. it is alsonot recommended to combine clary sage oil with alcohol, or consume alcohol before orafter using the oil. this mixture can cause insomnia and nightmares. and, as always, consultyour doctor prior to adding new supplements to your daily regime.

were you aware of this essential oil and allof its benefits? have you tried clary sage oil and experienced some of these benefits?let us know in our comment section.