Essential Oils For Skin Infection

Essential Oils For Skin Infection

hey, guys, dr. axe here, doctor of naturalmedicine, founder of in this video i'm going to do an advancedtraining on tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, and go through all of the benefits and usesand how you should start using tea tree oil as part of your natural medicine cabinet ona regular basis. one of the first things to know about teatree oil is that it's sourced in australia

Essential Oils For Skin Infection, and it was often used as a number one formof medicine by the aborigines and so it was often times used for cuts and for treatingwounds most often during those days. but it treated many diseases. one of the things i want to mention aboutmelaleuca is this is an essential oil that

can be used topically. it can be diffused in the air. but it should not be taken internally becauseof some of the powerful medicinal compounds that are found here in tea tree oil as well. so let's start off. let me talk about some of the uses. one of the number one uses of tea tree oilis to use it to fight acne. so if you know anybody with acne i would textthem after this or let them know tea tree oil the most powerful essential oil for fightingacne.

my favorite natural acne remedy is mixingabout two to four drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of manuka honey or raw local honey,some honey, a teaspoon, two to four drops of tea tree oil, mix it up, rub it all overthe skin, leave it on for about two minutes, and then rinse it off. it is the most powerful natural antiacne treatmentthat's out there today that's also very, very good for your skin tone. now, one of the things that's so incrediblehere about tea tree oil is that is has antifungal and antiviral properties, and that moves meinto the next great benefit of tea tree oil. it's great for treating chicken pox and shingles,so if a child has chicken pox, if an adult

has shingles, you can do a natural treatmentusing tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca. and i like to do a similar thing. you can mix it with some raw honey. also, you could mix it with a cream, suchas a shea butter or a coconut oil, and rub it directly on the area of somebody that hasshingles or chicken pox. this is one of the most powerful things youcan use. now, another thing i like to mix tea treeoil with is lavender essential oil. it's really, really good for the skin. so again, if you have shingles or chickenpox, it's good to use with shea butter, it's

good with coconut oil. also, if sometimes it's nerve related, usingit with helichrysum oil is really good for fighting shingles. the next big benefit here of using tea treeoil is if you have a cut or a wound, so if your child falls and they get a scrape sothey have a cut or a burn or any type of thing that could possibly get infected, tea treeoil is one of the best things you could use in terms of an essential oil because it hasantibacterial properties and often times bacteria can get into a wound and cause an infectionso this is a natural antiseptic, natural antibacterial. so mixing this, making kind of your own athome natural wound ointment, this is great,

again, along with manuka honey and thingslike that are also very beneficial. this next big benefit here i want to mentionis for treating toenail fungus or athlete's foot or ringworm. now, my mom hates me telling this story, butyears ago my mom was diagnosed with toenail fungus and she tried different creams andtreatments. nothing seemed to work. she did a 50-50 mixture of oil of oreganoand tea tree oil. she started using it on her toenail fungus,and after two months, it was completely gone and that's because of the antifungal propertiesof both tea tree oil and oil of oregano are

so powerful. so again, if you know somebody, or you, yourself,have toenail fungus, ringworm, or athlete's foot, mixing these essential oils with, let'ssay, a coconut oil, rubbing it directly on the area three times a day, has major, majorbenefits. a few more benefits here of tea tree oil,it's great for treating dandruff and just in general any type of skin issue, even eczemaand psoriasis. so if you have any type of flaking in dryskin or red dry flaking skin, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, you can add it to shampoo. you can actually add it to shea butter andput it on different types of inflammatory

skin conditions. it is fantastic for those as well. and then also, i love using it as an antimold. if you know that you have an area of yourhome, let's say, a basement, that's at risk of growing mold, or even in your shower, welove to use this in our home, we mix it with a little bit of vinegar and tea tree oil andwe actually spray it in corners of our home. we spray it in the shower. which leads me to one of the last uses, usingtea tree oil as a natural household cleaner. it's great.

it's a natural deodorizer. that's actually why you can actually makeyour own homemade deodorant with tea tree oil, some beeswax, some coconut oil, somebaking soda, make your own homemade deodorant with it. it's also great to mix with lemon oil, spraydown your stainless steel appliances, countertops, floors. again, this is one of the most powerful naturalcleaners in the world today. and if you have something that has a foulsmell in your house, it could be the bottom of a garbage can, it could be a dishwashingdetergent, it could be maybe your kid plays

soccer or hockey or football and you wantto put something that's anti-stink in their stuff, using a little bit of tea tree oilactually on shin guards for soccer or football or hockey pads is a great thing to do as wellbecause, again, it's antifungal and antibacterial. it actual helps things smell fresh and alive. so i want to encourage you, add tea tree oil,also known as melaleuca, to your natural medicine cabinet. makeover your medicine cabinet at home. makeover your personal cabinet at home. start using tea tree oil.

and hey, if you want to learn more about essentialoils and advanced remedies, make sure to check out my website. i've got an article on there all about essentialoils as well as one in more depth about tea tree oil. so just do a google search for "dr. axe essentialoils" or "dr. axe tea tree oil." you'll find more online. also, i've got a lot more videos coming outhere on youtube about essential oils so make sure you subscribe here to my youtube channel. i want to say thanks so much.

this has been me, dr. axe, talking about themany benefits of tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca.