Essential Oils To Repel Bees

Essential Oils To Repel Bees

hi, this is yolanda vanveen. and in this segmentwe're going to talk about how to repel camel spiders. now camel spiders are not reallyspiders at all, they're more related to scorpions or they're still in the arachnid family butthey're not true spiders. and they grow to about six inches long which is more like thissize. so there's lots of pictures of them on the internet showing them just two threefeet long in these monster spiders. but a

Essential Oils To Repel Bees, lot of those have actually been they're actually usually only about six inches long but they're still very scary.when i was an exchange student in japan there was these huge spiders all over and i foundone in my room one time. and the fingers are as long and thick as your finger too so they'rereally creepy. but camel spiders like other

big brown spiders actually aren't really deadlyto humans. so all of the horror stories that you see on the internet, most of them arejust horror stories. but they're still very scary. and what happens is they're nocturnal,they come out at night. and so they can bite you. they have really sharp teeth and fact their jaws are stronger than a great white sharks jaws. so when they bite intohumans or any type of animal they can still do a lot of damage. and what happens is theysecrete an enzyme that makes your flesh grow and decompose immediately so that way theycan eat small animals real quickly. so they definitely, if you ever get bit by then youmake sure and treat that wound immediately, never let it get infected. most of the pictureson the internet are not because and the wounds

are not because they're poisonous just becausethey've gotten infected. so to repel these huge camel spiders is just like repellingany type of bugs or any type of other spiders, make sure that you don't have any cardboardaround you. so when you're going to sleep at night, make sure if you've got cardboardboxes you leave them outside or in the corners or way away from where you're at. and camelspiders, there's a lot of herbs and natural items that you can put around to repel them.for example camel spiders hate eucalyptus. so get rid of all your paper boxes and onlyuse plastic boxes; plastic bins that can be closed securely. so that way that can't getinto any bins. and put eucalyptus oil anywhere around those bins, around your home, nearyour clothes, on your body. get eucalyptus

everywhere you can because camel spiders don'tlike eucalyptus. most spiders don't like types of mint too. so if you put mint, spearminton your body it'll work really well. lavenders great too. so i always make sure and evenif you can get dried lavender or put lavender in your boxes with your clothes or put lavenderanywhere, underneath your bed, anywhere to repel spiders. and lavender oil too, if youhave any exposed body parts when you're sleeping, put any type of oil on your body. it doesn'thave to be lavender oil, you can use regular cooking oil, you can use olive oil. you canuse any type of oil. and a lot of times if you've got a lot of oil on your body bugswon't attack you because the oil itself stops them. and it'll bother them too; it'll stopthem from bothering you. in saying that too,

spices. so if you can get any types of spicessprinkle them everywhere in your bedroom and outside of the house, anywhere where the spidersare found. so you can use cinnamon that works really well. any type of clove and pepperthat are salt, any type of spearmint, any type of even cooking salts, any kind of seasoningsalts, curry powder works really well. all type of citrus works really well too. so ifyou're in area where there's lots of camel spiders too or you don't want to go to bedat night because you know they're around you, make sure and rub all types of lemon or limeall over you, any type of citrus, put juice on you. it's not only good for your body too,it repels most insects and it'll be work really well because you don't want those spidersattacking you. there's all types of nutmeg,

any type of spice. you can put it on yourbody or you can put it around your bed. you can put it under your sheets. lavender, prettymuch anything will repel bugs. and in the olden days, especially in the middle eastthey bathe their baby's right in olive oil. and they keep their babies with olive oilon them. and it works. it stops most bugs from attacking humans. so to repel camel spidersjust protect yourself from them. and that way you can remain safe.