Eucalyptus Oil For Hair

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair

dr. axe: hey guys, dr. axe here, doctor ofnatural medicine and founder of in this video, i'm going to share with youthe five major benefits of thyme essential oil and how to use thyme to improve your overallhealth. let's go ahead and get started with talking about the compounds of thyme essentialoil. i'll tell you what. a lot of other essentialoils i would say get a lot more press than

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair, thyme oil. of course lavender is very popular.oil of oregano, eucalyptus, tea tree, frankincense, lemon oil, peppermint. thyme oil is one ofmy top five favorite oils that if i were stranded on a desert island i would actually have withme. it's not talked about very much. thyme oil contains some incredible healingcompounds, one of those being thymol. thymol

is what actually gives thyme its antisepticand antimicrobial properties which makes it so effective in treating different conditions.also, it contains carvacrol which is one of the chief compounds that gives oregano oilits benefits. when it comes to thyme, its number one benefitis acting as a natural antimicrobial for fighting infections. in fact, a 2011 study found thatusing thyme oil can actually kill off around 120 different types of pathogenic bacteriaand even antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria in fighting off conditions such as mrsa. again,you look at the benefits of thyme oil acting as a natural antiseptic, it is incredible.if you ever come down with a health issue whether it's a cold, flu, some type of infection,you may consider using thyme oil as part of

your natural treatment protocol. what i love to do if you're feeling like let'ssay you have respiratory issues and you have a cold or bronchitis, i recommend mixing someeucalyptus oil and thyme oil together with some lemon oil and actually taking in deepbreaths. you can mix it in water and kind of go over hot vapor. you can mix thyme oil,eucalyptus and lemon with some coconut oil and rub it on your chest and then get in ahot shower. again, thyme oil is great for opening up theairways. it's great for fighting infections on a regular basis as well. one of the otherthings, if you have a skin issue, if you have a cut, a burn, a scrape, mixing some thymeoil with maybe some lavender, tea tree and

coconut oil, putting that on the area. thymeoil is a powerful natural way to fight infections and pathogenic bacteria. number two benefit and the reason you shouldhave thyme oil stocked in your at home medicine cabinet is its benefits for balancing hormones.thyme oil is a pro progesterone. it helps strengthen progesterone levels in your body.listen, a lot of female hormone issues today and actually even male hormone issues aredue to low progesterone levels. a lot of people have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. if somebody is struggling with infertility,pcos syndrome or uterine fibroids, those can all be caused by lack of progesterone andtoo much estrogen. again, using thyme oil

on a regular basis is a great way to combatthat. i'd recommend mixing thyme oil with clary sage and using those two oils togetherwith some coconut oil and rubbing it on the body two to three times daily. again, thymeoil, powerful for balancing out hormones. the third benefit of thyme oil is for yourskin. if you want beautiful glowing skin, if you want to fight especially acne, whati recommend you do is mixing thyme, lavender and tea tree oil with manuka honey, rubbingthat on your face, rinsing it off. thyme oil is great for the skin. it's also great foreczema specifically. my best eczema recipe is mixing thyme, geranium oil and chamomileoil, essentially thyme and geranium or geranium rose, mixing that together with a little bitof shea butter, rubbing that into areas of

eczema. thyme oil is great for fighting eczema,psoriasis, or helping dry, flaky red skin. it is great for really any skin condition. the fourth benefit of thyme oil is for dentalhealth. if you have any sort of dental issue or mouth issue, you can add thyme to fact, thyme and myrrh together is my favorite combination, thyme, myrrh, maybe some peppermintoil. make your own at home toothpaste again with thyme, with myrrh, and with some peppermintand a little bit of coconut oil and baking soda and maybe a little bit of clay in there.making your own at home toothpaste with thyme is fantastic. last but not least, thyme is a great naturalbug spray. if you've got mosquitoes in an

area, yellow flies, or any type of insectsthat are causing issues, you can mix thyme oil with lemon grass is probably my favoritecombo. thyme and lemon grass together mixed with a little bit of water and vinegar. youcan spray yourself down as a natural bug spray as a great thing to do as well. thyme is incredible because of thymol, becauseof carvacrol, because of some of the other compounds that are found in it. by the way,when you're buying thyme essential oil, make sure it's from a certified organic company.make sure it's therapeutic grade. look for organic therapeutic grade thyme oil. makesure you stock thyme and thyme essential oil in your at home natural medicine cabinet.

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