Grounding Essential Oil Blend

Grounding Essential Oil Blend

hi, i'm dr. matea polisoto. i'm naturopathicdoctor and the founder of exquisite aromatherapy. in this video, i'm going to talk about tenessential oils that are used for weight loss. so i'm going to talk about why use aroma therapy.essential oils are so powerful. they have so many healing benefits that can really helpyou in your program. so i'm going to go over these.

Grounding Essential Oil Blend, so the number one benefit i think of is they’revery purifying to the body. when you're trying to lose weight, it's also a process of you are metabolizing fat, it has to get processed through your liver and then excretedthrough the bowels. so the organs of elimination have to be really working optimally when you'regoing to be successfully losing weight. and

the problem is most people that are overweighthave congestion in the organs of elimination, especially the bowels, the liver and the spleenand the lymphatic system. so essential oils help to purify the body and help to purifythe blood stream and then help purify these organs of elimination which is so important. one of the main uses i think of is i use ita lot on the skin, massaging yourself. instead of putting lotion on, i use olive oil or acarrier oil and put essential oils in it. when essential oils are put on the skin topically,they go into the blood stream and they help purify the body. this is very, very beneficialbecause we need to purify the lymphatic system. most people don't know where the lymphaticsystem is, what it is and how important it

is. it's the body’s sewage system. it'show we get rid of waste. it's a series of vessels that run parallel to the arteriesand veins. the lymphatic system is different than arteries. arteries have muscles in thevessels that squeeze to make sure blood gets through our organs, otherwise we wouldn'tlive. the lymphatic system, on the other hand, is a valvular system. it doesn't have only works when we exercise and sweat. so if you've been sedentary and you've beenoverweight, your lymphatic system is sluggish. also, when we eat foods, any foods that havecooked fats or oils, or that are highly acidic like coffee, we will actually clog and congestthe lymphatic system. when you start to follow a strict diet, it can take one to four weeksto get the lymphatic system to cleanse and

start moving. instead of being a fluid that'skind of like milk, a lot people's more like peanut butter or sludge. and then the spleen is very much involvedin the lymphatic system. it's one of the aware areas that i focus on to help people loseweight. the spleen is so important. it also helps deal with fluid regulation. when you'veeaten junk food in the past, junk food damages spleen chi. in chinese medicine, it's a conceptwe talk about that it's damaging to the spleen chi. and you can see this in your tongue.when you eat foods that are problematic to the lymphatic system, at night when you sleep,you're tongue swells and the tongue pushes against the ridges of the teeth and it makesa pie-crust ridge to the tongue and this tells

me, "okay, this person's lymphatic systemand their spleen is sluggish." and you will never lose weight as successfully if yourspleen is really unhealthy. and so there's specific herbs that can help with that. butjust massaging essential oils on the body, goes into the blood stream, can help purifythe lymphatic system. so that's one of the most powerful ways. the other thing is that essential oils alsohave so many other healing benefits, but we use it in inhalation. so diffusing it in theroom with a diffuser or i just keep bottles at my desk and i smell the oils often. theyhelp affect your mood. and this can help reduce both cravings and emotional ups and downs.when you go on a strict diet, many people

become emotional because you've taken awayyour comfort food. foods that comfort us sedate us and they help us to feel better. so whenyou take that away, there's what's called an unmasking period. a lot of people becomeirritable and moody, even crying because those emotions that were being suppressed surface. so that's not easy to deal with. you needtools for that. and essential oils can ground the bogged person, make them calm. wheneveryou've had an episode of overeating, usually you're in an agitated state and you're tensedand you're more in your head or people would say you're not in your body. you're not groundedand calm. when you're grounded and calm, you are slower and you can think through thingsand you really have better choices. so essential

oils, a lot of people that use them say, "theyjust make me feel happy." so we often use citrus oils in a diffuserbecause they're inexpensive but they are also considered an anti-depressant. but the reasonthey help your mood is you have a nerve in your nose called the olfactory nerve thatgoes straight to your brain. and this changes your brain chemistry. and the brain is where,creating this desire and feeling satiated, all those things happen. it's your commandcentral and that is a very…your brain is most important to helping you lose weightsuccessfully and keep it off. so that's one of the benefits. so another benefit of essential oils is they'reantioxidants. they're actually nutritious.

so when you put them on your skin and theygo to the blood stream, it's helping you scavenge free radicals, it’s helping you detoxify,it’s helping your preserve your body. it's helping your longevity and your beauty aswell. when you apply them to the skin, your skin starts to become soft, supple and smooth. essential oils are also antimicrobial. whenyou diffuse them in the air, people report having less infections, respiratory infections.they kill microbes. also, when you use them to clean the house or you use them on yourbody, they kill bacteria. many oils we say antimicrobial, but many of them kill multipleorganisms. they'll be antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal.

so the three main uses that i use is inhalation,massaging on the body and also i like to use them in the bath. this is really's helpful for relaxation and helpful to sleep. so i use many oils making bath blends.i also feel that a lot of people overweight are empathic and very sensitive. we feel andabsorb the emotional pain of other people. and that's more of on a psychic, spiritualenergetic level. and i find when i prescribe baths, the formula called the empath's cleansing the aura, that part of that body that we don't really always pay attentionto, but to me, that has a huge part of weight gain and weight loss. and so i'll have peoplebathe in essential oils, one, that are relaxing, but also, i think of it as aura-cleansing.we put lots of salt and baking soda and beautiful

essential oils, and you can use that as oftenas you want. sometimes i’m doing it nightly. and i'll sleep deeper. i feel more relaxed.and the more relaxed you are, the more calm and grounded you are, the less you're goingto over eat and make bad choices. so the ten oils that i like to use duringweight loss are, number one, is lavender. of course, most people are most familiar withlavender. it's very popular. it has so many uses. but it's the number one nervine, wecall it in herbal terminology. nervine means nerve-calming or healing. it's also so greatfor the skin. it's helpful for rashes, acne, inflammation, redness, swelling. so it's verysoothing. so it's soothing to the soul, it's soothing to the nervous system and it's soothingto the skin. and you can use it in the bath,

you can use it in massage and you also justsmell it during the day to calm and relax the body. the number two oil that i use is geranium.geranium is a beautiful floral scent. it's strong so a lot of people have to dilute itto enjoy it. but it's an adaptogen. it helps the body adapt to stress, which is very valuableand very helpful for weight loss. it also has other amazing properties and that it increasescirculation and it's astringent. so it helps with water retention and increases circulation,which we all need if you're going to lose weight. so the third oil is sandalwood. sandalwoodis the calm, grounding oil. it helps slow

the breath. it's considered kind of helps you meditate. if i'm having trouble sleeping, it's a resin. it's thick. it’swoody. it’s earthy, i will massage that earthy oil onto my skin before bed and itreally, really helps me have deeper sleep. number four is eucalyptus. the reason i usethis oil is i think of it as the number one aura cleansing oil. i teach people to have…youknow you have oral hygiene where you're going to brush your teeth every day. i started doingenergy work and seeing the human aura and the chakras and the energy around the body.and when you have a high vibration, when you're purifying the body, when more energy can flowthrough you, you have beautiful colors in your aura. when you're angry, you're upset,you're irritable, you're toxic, the aura can

look gray or muddy, or sometimes we're justaffected by the environment. you go to the mall or you work and you interact with peoplethat are not happy. your aura takes a beating. and i think of eucalyptus as, when you smelleucalyptus, it's just like…it just clears your aura, clears room, clears space. it'sgreat for respiratory problems. it's very anti-microbial. it's very refreshing. andit's great for itching and skin rashes. many people that are overweight and have abusedsugar have candida problems. it's anti-candida. and it's the one oil i found, when i mix itwith lavender and i put it on the skin, it stops itching because many people would tellme, they have skin problems and their doctor just gave them hydrocortisone and they don'twant to use a steroid. so i give this as an

alternative. so, again, oils have so many…i could goon and on. they have multiple, multiple benefits. but i use that to inhale to clean my auraand to diffuse in the room and it also helps prevent infections. okay, the next oil is grapefruit. grapefruitis a really popular for weight loss oil. citrus oils are considered antidepressant. they upliftyour mood. they're very upbeat, which can help keep you moving, get you happy especiallyif you're feeling sluggish. but also, putting on the skin, it's an anti-cellulite oil andit helps the liver as well. you have phase one and phase two detoxification, and it helpsthe liver. and some people will use it in

a massage. i don't put it in the bath unlessit's diluted at all, because it can be itchy in the bath. but when blended in a blend forthe skin, it can be helpful. and some people put it on and then do wraps. they'll wraptheir ties in a saran wrap or they have body wraps, and it's very popular and effectivefor that. but again, it goes into the blood stream and it's a lymphagogue or help increasingthe flow of lymph. and it just smells really upbeat and fun. the sixth oil is frankincense. frankincense,i just couldn't be without it. it's considered the father of oil. it's spiritually's anti-inflammatory. it’s very grounding and it’s a good oil for blending. lavenderand frankincense are two of those oils that

just help blend, synthesize and come together,and all the oils in the bottle get along. so i’m always putting it in most all ofmy blends. it’s just a very pleasant smell, but again anything that can decrease inflammation,calm the body, soothe the nerves is very helpful to the body and it’s also very also has anti-tumor properties. so a lot of people utilize it because they want toprevent themselves from getting cancer. cancer and infections and diseases cannotflourish in a body that has good organs of elimination, that has good lymph flow andthat the blood is pure. and so frankincense is purifying. any oil, any herb that helpsthat body keep the lymph flowing, keep the body pure does not build disease in it. soit’s preventative.

okay, the seventh oil is peppermint. peppermint,that one i use internally. i put it in my smoothies. so if you're using a protein powderthat doesn't have any sugar in it, which is what we should be doing, sometimes the tasteis not the best. so we can't go putting chocolate syrup in there unfortunately. i'll use a peppermintand maybe a little chocolate extract, just a few drops, or vanilla. and then it givesthe smoothie a nice flavor. it's also antispasmodic to the intestinal track, so it helps you releasegas. i use it a lot. i have a formula that's an herbal tincture that's called the flattummy formula. it's carminative herbs that helps the body pass gas. and so i always havepeople take carminative herbs at bedtime. you should pass your gas at night and thenyou wake up and you have a flat tummy, because

i treat a lot of actresses. and what i foundout when they would shoot a film, they would starve themselves and dehydrate themselvesso they don't look bloated which i found appalling. and they'll even take a diuretic like prescription.i said, "oh, no, no. let me formulate you some herbs that can do the same thing safely."so i put together phenyl and peppermint and ginseng, another herb, and we call it ourflat tummy. but i have people take carminative herbs witheach meal and at bedtime. it's a digestive. it just helps the body digest. when you putit onto the skin, it also helps for pain and soreness. so it's a little bit adaptogenicto that. and so it helps with pain and inflammation. so it's a good in a massage blend, too.

the eighth oil is cinnamon bark. cinnamonbark is an amazing oil. a lot of people know cinnamon as an herb that helps with bloodsugar, helps reduce high blood sugar and helps with blood-sugar maintenance, or balancing.and so a lot of people will put it in their smoothies as well. there’s cinnamon barkand there’s cinnamon leaf. cinnamon bark is more expensive and you have to be verycareful. you have to make sure you have a high quality brand. and the rule of thumbis one to three drops, three times a day maybe. that's it. don't overuse essential oils internally.they are really not meant to be taken in higher doses. so cinnamon bark also helps with paininflammation and can be used in a massage oil if diluted. it will burn the skin. i neveruse it in the bath. but you can use it in

a massage blend. if it's blended and diluted,it can help with soreness and pain as well. okay, and then number nine and ten, they'reblends that i have created. so i created a lymphatic blend that's called lymph has 23 oils in it. so it has some oils that are less known, that are not as popularbut they're amazing lymphagogues. so they're kind of hard to find. a lot of them, theysmell really strong, almost like turpentine. so i blended it with citrus and juniper andlavender in a special formula that i've been using for over 12 years. and it's dilutedin a carrier oil and i'll have people do that before bed time or after they shower or evenin the morning. so you can use just a single oil to massageyourself but it really helps increase circulation

and increase the flow of lymph. and then the last blend that i had createdwas it's called the empath bath. it's special oils that i feel will help that emotionalissue of being too sensitive. so essential oils are gifts from nature. naturehas so many healing plants that we can take advantage of, that will help uplift our moods,help you detoxify, help purify, help you smell better and just overall have so many benefits.they're antimicrobial, preventing infections and keeping us calm and keeping us less stressed.they are just beautiful. they add a beauty to our life and enrich our life. so i inspireyou to use essential oils, add them to your daily regime, enjoy them and learn about them.

so i’m giving you a handout that you canget a little more detail on each of these oils and how to use them in a written instructionform. so i invite you to sign up for this free handout that i’m giving you, and thenalso on the mailing list, i’m going to be doing aromatherapy webinars where i’m goingto be live teaching you more detail about all the uses and all the different oils thati use, all the basics you need to know to use them safely. and also i’ll be doinglive q&as, so i’ll be taking questions and answers and doing mini consultations. so keepin touch, get on my mailing list, watch your inbox, make sure i’m not in your junk mailand stay in touch. follow me in instagram and facebook, and i’m going to keep releasingmore and more tools to help you lose weight,

get healthy, be happy and be your best.