Grounding Essential Oils

Grounding Essential Oils

the word muladhara breaks down into two sanskritwords: mula, meaning ‘root’, and adhara, meaning ‘support’ or ‘base’. as indicated by the words meaning, the muladhara,or root chakra, is that which roots us to the physical world, providing us with thebase and support required to build from and thrive. it is due to its association withour physical prosperity that the root chakra

Grounding Essential Oils, is often considered to be the most importantof the seven major chakras. the root chakra is the first chakra of matterand is located at the base of the spine, near the pelvic floor and first three is comprised of whatever grounds you to stability in your life, mostly regarding basicneeds such as food, water, shelter, and safety.

a balanced root chakra will instill in youa sense of ease. you will feel grounded and secure, having no doubts about your placein the world. your day to day tasks will seem effortless and you will find that things simplywork for you, whether it is in regard to your relationships, finances, or career. you will work with the world, not againstit. survival concerns can often spiral out ofcontrol when our resources are too thin to adequately support us. by balancing your rootchakra, you will be working at reinforcing your foundation and rooting yourself intoa stronger perception of safety. from this more secure vantage point, your true needsand aspirations will come to light and it

will become more apparent what must be donein order to fulfill them. it is important to balance this chakra beforethe other six as it is the root chakra that will provide the needed stability for theothers to function optimally. you simply cannot balance the higher chakras without first establishinga firm base to work from. when imbalanced, chakras can become eitheroveractive or underactive, both causing a unique set of symptoms… with an overactive root chakra you may frequentlyfeel anger, irritation, or even aggression toward the people and events in your will likely exhibit characteristics of greediness, overly domineering or controllingbehavior, and belligerence toward those who

challenge your perceived authority. you maybecome dependent on the security of certain people, your job, or specific habits, causingyou to become very rigid and resistant to change. an overactivity of the root chakrawill lead to an over-fixation with material possessions or sexual encounters and you willlikely measure your self-worth by the attainment of such things. an underactive root chakra will cause youto feel disconnected from the physical world, including from your body. you’ll feel disorganizedand this will consequently reflect in your surroundings. you will lack focus and disciplineand will probably experience a lack of stamina or desire to do anything or want anythingout of life. the things you do want will seem

out of reach and very hard to obtain. it willbe difficult for you to feel safe in the world and this feeling of insecurity will surfacethrough constant worries about finances, health, and current events. in severe cases, uncharacteristicbehavior such as paranoia and depression may become a problem. the root chakra governs the functioning ofthe lower part of the body including the reproductive glands and system, sacral-coccygeal plexus,kidneys, bladder, back, legs, elimination system, and skeletal system. physical symptoms of imbalance may include:lower back pain, constipation, kidney stones, circulatory issues, leg or feet issues, weight-loss/gain,under/over-active sex drive, eating disorders,

sciatica, hypertension, anemia, impotence,or colitis. healing the root chakra for the root chakra, the best long term healingcomes primarily from physical activities like exercise and hatha yoga. this is because theroot chakra is the densest and most related to the physical body. as the root chakra ismost associated with the lower part of the body, any movement involving your feet andlegs will be particularly beneficial. smell-oriented treatments, such as aromatherapy, will alsowork especially well because the root chakra’s associated sense is that of smell. gemstonesare very helpful as well because the stones come from the earth, the element of the rootchakra.

anchoring yourself root chakra concerns primarily relate to yoursense of safety within your environment. therefore, how you feel in your surroundings, from yourhome to your neighborhood and region, matters very much and developing a harmonious relationshipwith your environment is paramount in fostering a healthy root chakra. connecting with the earth the root chakra’s associated element isearth. going outside, walking unpaved paths, feeling the ground, planting seeds - theseacts exemplify a personal connection with the earth and therefore aid in supportingthe root chakra’s balance.

self-reliance to counter any present worries concerningyour safety and well-being, characteristic of root chakra imbalance, long-term healingrequires that you reinforce the beliefs that you are secure in this world, and are resourcefulenough to get what you need when you need it. improving your confidence and becomingindependent are key elements in healing the root chakra. needs and aspirations fulfilling your needs is another root chakrapriority. being aware of your true needs and aspirations will help guide your decisionsand course of action in regard to the place

you’d like to live, the work you’d liketo do, and the people you want to surround yourself with. without this awareness, youare more likely to be swayed by the opinions of those around you and by other distractions,causing you to miss valuable opportunities to fulfill these needs. introspection is thereforenecessary in healing the root chakra as it is through introspection that your needs andaspirations will become apparent. scarcity to abundance the healing of your root chakra depends onthe restoration of your confidence in your ability to provide for yourself. an importantstep toward this restoration is the re-centering of your perception of abundance on inner andnon-material possessions. instead of assessing

your level of wealth purely on the contentsof your bank account, consider all the other forms of abundance in your life, from friendshipsto the simple daily pleasures you may tend to overlook. in the process you will likelyhave to reevaluate your perception of wealth and what it means to be abundant. manifestation it’s important to realize that your outerworld is often a reflection of your inner world. your notion of what it means to beabundant in the material world is affected and affects your sense of inner balance andresourcefulness. in other words, your inner state of being directly affects your abilityto manifest in the outer, material world.

the following are various associations betweenthe root chakra and the physical world which can be used in healing practices. the root chakra is associated with the colorred. picturing a red lotus flower at the base of your spine will begin to balance it. lightingred candles while focusing on your root chakra can also have this effect, as can wearingred clothing or jewelry. the root chakra governs the reproductive glands,kidneys, and bladder. the functioning of these parts of your body is an indication of yourroot chakra’s balance. healing stones’ vibrational frequenciescan help restore balance when there is a deficiency or excess of energy. like the chakras, eachstone has its own frequency. stones useful

in root chakra balance include: red stonessuch as bloodstone, red carnelian, red jasper, and garnet; other options are hematite, rhodochrosite,jet, smoky quartz, azurite, chrysocolla, obsidian, golden yellow topaz, black tourmaline, andcitrine. just as each chakra has its own vibrationalfrequency, color, and function, so too are there foods that help bolster individual chakrafunction. when concentrating on the root chakra, consider adding naturally red-colored foodslike red apples, strawberries, red cabbage, and beats, as well as root vegetables, andfoods that are high in protein such as eggs, beans, nuts, parsnips, soy, tofu, rainbowcard, ginger, and carrots. aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plantextracts and essential oils in massage or

baths and is another useful tool for chakrabalancing. to heal the root chakra, consider using flowery, earth-scented essential oilsto ground and balance, such as ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh, cedar,rosewood, ginger, cloves, and black pepper. the root chakra’s element is earth. simplygetting out and experiencing the sounds and smells of nature will have a positive effecton this chakra. sitting on the grass, under a tree is an ideal spot to rest and allowyour root chakra to be purified and balanced. incorporating yoga into your daily routineis a great way to open and balance your body’s chakras. yoga asanas (or poses) that encourageroot chakra balance include: easy pose, child’s pose, hamstring stretch, triangle pose, andside lunge.

each chakra has its own vibrational frequencyand listening to sounds that resonate with a chakra’s frequency can help bring it intobalance. the root chakra resonates with the musical note “c” and the mantra sound“lam”. listening to music in the key of c or chanting lam will help open and alignthis chakra. affirmation for the root chakra: “i am safein the world around me. i belong in this world and am an important part of the earth. i amat peace with my surroundings, with the people and events that occur.” the following is a list of useful questionsto help guide the balancing of your root chakra. do you feel you have all you need to livecomfortably?

how are you doing financially? are you constantlystruggling or do you have a comfortable income? how are your current living conditions? doyou feel supported? do you feel connected to the environment aroundyou? do you feel threatened by looming fears? ordo you trust that you can handle whatever comes your way? how resourceful do you feel when you are metwith life’s challenges (whether they are financial, health-related, job-related, etc.)? do you find yourself in situations that othersdeemed right for you, but do not truly meet your needs and aspirations?

answering these questions honestly will provideyou with a rough estimate as to how under or overactive your root chakra is, therebyindicating how best to go about healing it and bringing you one step closer to its balanceand purification.