How To Dilute Essential Oils

How To Dilute Essential Oils

powerful 2 week diet with proven results :if you are a fan of essential oils, and you have some of them at home, you already knowthat they are extremely beneficial for health and have intense relaxing and calming properties. yet, despite being amazing for aromatherapy,these oils also offer other benefits as well. according to reflexologists, essential oilscan be applied to the feet at bedtime and

How To Dilute Essential Oils, ensure you get a healthy sleep during thenight. apparently, the soles of the feet have 5 skinlayers and no hair follicles. therefore, the pores are particularly absorbentand quickly absorb the essential oil into the bloodstream.

studies have shown that as soon as the essentialoil is applied to the foot, its traces can be found throughout the body in less than20 minutes. this is due to the fact that the palms andsoles are the only body areas without sebaceous glands. these glands produce sebum, which is an oilysubstance that protects and weakens the skin̢۪s ability to absorb foreign materials. therefore, as the soles and palms lack theseglands, they can easily absorb essential oils. moreover, the feet have 72,000 nerve endingseach, which is more per square centimeter than any other body part.

due to this fact, for hundreds of years, theeast asian medicine has treated various diseases and illnesses by stimulating certain footpoints. their traditional medicine believes that bodyorgans and systems are linked through meridians of energy that end in the feet, hands, earsand face. this healing tradition is known as reflexology. reflexology maintains that the applicationof essential oils on the feet helps the properties of the oil to reach the body organs and systemsand assist healing. sometimes, essential oils are too concentratedto be applied directly on the body, so you need to dilute them with water or coconutoil to lower the risk of swelling or irritations.

yet, the skin on the feet is the least sensitive,so you can freely apply any kind of essential oil on the soles. plus, the topical use of essential oils helpsthe active compounds to directly enter the bloodstream, instead of going through thedigestive system and the liver, when ingested. you can consult a naturopath about the mostbeneficial essential oil to use in order to treat your health issue and gain most healthbenefits. try applying it on your feet and experiencequick health improvements! don't forget to follow us on other socialmedia :

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