Humidifier For Essential Oils

Humidifier For Essential Oils

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Humidifier For Essential Oils, ya feelin' a little stressed? i think that's what election week does to a lot of people watching right now. i'm the youtube deal guy matt granite.

- and i'm dominique. - and i'm canadian, i can't vote. so here we are tryingto distress and relax 'cause life is good. we are all in it togetherand the huge deals i find every day, which are all located right under this videoscreen, are just a hint of some of the black friday doorbusters we are continuing in adrop for subscribers.

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you're so much taller than me. is it just that your posture's amazing and mine is bad? - i mean, yeah, i've beentrying to work on my posture. - can you slouch more? no, i feel like i'm shorter than you and that's not a thing. - well, my choir teacher makes us have our shoulders rolled back.

- i don't see your choir teacher here. - (laughs) i know, but it's just good. - just go like... it looks like your 5"4, matt the deal, which is locatedright under this video screen, is an awesome grab and beforewe get to the demonstration, at a retail price of 50 bucks, while there are several knockoffs, the particular unit we tested,

which is an ultrasonic diffuser, it reduces staticelectricity in your room, it lowers computer radiation, supposedly cell phone radiation. i cannot attest to any of that but i will tell ya, it's very therapeutic. you can add essential oils,which we've included a link to right under this video screento this aroma humidifier or you can use it on its own.

color led lights changebased on your command. i am a huge fan of this. - to start, you have tofill this up to the line with cold water. (water runs) at this time, you can addany scents that you want. next just put the cap on and you are done. it helps me fall asleepand, if you know me, you know that i have a lotof trouble falling asleep.

one of my favorite parts of this is that the colors are amazing. you have red, you have orange, blue, purple, yellow, and so on. another thing that's veryhelpful is the mist changer. it allows you to control theamount of mist that comes out. the last thing that's veryhelpful is the time changer. it allows you to pick howlong you want this to go on. it saves electricity.

- now if you wanna grab this deal, it is not gonna be aroundlong at this price, it's located rightunder this video screen. oh, dominique, what time is it? - giveaway time. - using tubebuddy's randomselection tool to find a subscriber who's commentedin the last six months. congratulations, stephanie. we agree, we love casey,she'll be back soon.

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