Lavender Hydrosol Skin Benefits

Lavender Hydrosol Skin Benefits

hi! i'm going to make the anti itch roller with you today. so we're going to need our five milliliter glass dark colored bottles and our roller top cap. our oils for today are going to be

Lavender Hydrosol Skin Benefits, lavender, purification and tea tree or mel a. look it up that way. now i've already put my oils in my bottle here. but we are going to go with 20 drops of lavender.

did you know it takes twenty seven square feet of plants to make this 15 milliliter bottle of lavender? pretty crazy. alright, purification. so this is ten drops. you're just going to place ten in there. remember when you're looking at your dropper to find a little hole on the side. the middle one is your air hole. the little hole on the side, if that's on the bottom is going to drop

faster. if you put it on the top that's going to be slower. and then we're going to use mel a. this is great for acne as well because it dries it out. put 10 dops of that. so again that's 20 drops of your lavender, 10 drops of purification, 10 drops of tea tree. then you're going to fill the rest with your carrier oil. i'm using fractionated coconut oil. you can use

grapeseed, you can use almond whatever you're comfortable with. unless you have a not allergy, don't use almond oil. you're going to fill the rest of it up to this curve here. you can just fill it in this way, you can use a dropper bottle, you can use a pipette, whatever you're comfortable with. you can use fill that. you don't fill it all the way because

you need a little bit of space for your roller ball. you just set that on top screw on your top. you want to shake it each time you use it, just to give it a little mix in there. and then as you can see i was kind of a little itchy earlier where my top is here. so i'm just going to put that on right now. because that's a good little itch.

so it's nice and soothing. it's also going to cleanse. that purification, we don't use that just because it gets rid of smells. it's also cleansing and soothing then i'm just going to put my label on and i'm going to have my anti-itch roller. thank you. if you have any questions if you have any input with that as well. go ahead and add your questions.

thank you. :)