Most Expensive Essential Oil

Most Expensive Essential Oil

quick question hey have you seen thiskind of ultrasonic facial cleansing brush well today i'd like to show you an allnew device some say works even better cost muchless and worked three ways to enhance your skin naturally

Most Expensive Essential Oil, hello this is roger from swiss ultimatelabs and in this video i'm going to review and show you how you can use thishigh-tech ultra sonic cleansing facial brush to clean your skin deep down andalso use this amazing device to apply essential oil serums and creams theseultrasonic devices are becoming more and

more popular for daily skincare use here's what our ultra sonic cleansingfacial brush looks like now you may have seen other devices out there for example of brushes that look likethis one these are great and we've used them here in the past but there are acouple of issues with ultrasonic brushes like these they can be quite expensive a hundred and fifty dollars or more andthey are not designed to be used with essential oils this device on the otherhand from swiss ultimate is currently priced less than thirty five dollarsincluding free shipping

it's waterproof and made of specialcosmetic grade organic silicon material so you can use it in the shower withyour favorite cleanser or soap or by the wash basin or mirror for cleansing andyou can even use this amazing device with essential oils creams and serumsfor moisturizing it does a fantastic job of cleaning or moisturizing deep downusing three special features ultrasonic vibration up to 5,000 beatsper minute you can really feel the vibrations asmuch or as little as you desire using the multi-adjustable sonicvibration selector here especially designed smooth massage points on oneside and soft fine cleansing points on

the other side to a great job ofvibrating around your pores to encourage dirt residue and all facial oils tovacate leaving a fresh deep down clean feeling and glowing skin it works fastto cleanse a massage in seconds activating skin elasticity andabsorption of your beauty treatments one side of the ultra sonic cleansing facialbrush is curved so it feels just right under the neck and around the nose areathe other side is flat so you can use on your cheeks forehead and wherever elseit feels right once you get your device you can tryeach side to see what feels best you portable and easy to carry and hasespecially shaped easy to find on off

switch so you can find the switch even withyour eyes closed and it stands up by itself on the built-in stand and howabout this it's usb rechargeable takes less thanone hour to recharge so you never need to worry aboutreplacing batteries your ultra sonic cleansing facial brush can be used withcleansers and moisturizers essential oils facial scrubs polishes and moremore hygienic than standard brushes it cleans itself as you use it there are no brush heads to replacethese can cause ten dollars or more on

other devices as a replacement heads andit powers automatically if you forget to turn it off it's on sale now at an amazing price andyou can discover more and get this device today by visiting our websitealso discover how to get free essential oil samples while you're there this has been roger from switzerlandlabs with a review of the ultra sonic cleansing facial brush to clean yourskin deep down please visit us at and getthis device today

you can also see how to get freeessential oil samples and more on our site please visit