Most Expensive Essential Oils

Most Expensive Essential Oils

in this video, i'm going to be sharing withyou the many benefits of orange essential oil. and orange essential oil benefits are reallypowerful. the other great thing about orange oil isit's one of the lesser expensive essential oils, but has amazing health benefits.

Most Expensive Essential Oils, so let's go ahead and talk about the powerhere of essential oils and how you can use it every single day to benefit your health. so for starters, orange essential oil or orangeoil is high in a compound called d-limonene, and d-limonene has been shown to have many,many, health benefits.

now, d-limonene is also found in other citrusoils, such as bergamot, lime and grapefruit and lemon. and here's the surprising thing. lemon essential oil or specifically orangeoil and citrus oils, the oil doesn't come from the flesh of the orange. it actually comes from the orange peel. and orange peel oil, listen to this, it'sbeen used in chinese and eastern medicine for well over 3000 years. people have been using the peel of orange,it's actually typically called bitter orange

peel, for its benefits. so number one benefit here of orange essentialoil is detoxification. it helps your body detox. it does this through the power of helpingyour lymphatic system drain. so remember this. if you've ever been sick with a cold or fluor your body has been . . . have you ever just felt sluggish? like maybe you just feel like your body isn'tenergized, and you just feel kind of lethargic and like kind of, stuffed up in your body.

that's because your lymphatic system, whichis often kind of your body sewage system, can get backed up. well, orange essential oil and d-limonenehave been proven to support lymphatic drainage. so if you ever get swollen lymph nodes especially,what you want to do is add two drops of lemon oil to some raw honey or your water, and dothat three times a day. so orange oil, a very, very, powerful fullbody detoxifier. also, orange essential oil helps support yourliver. we know your liver is your body's main organfor detoxification, so orange oil or orange peel oil is also great for helping your liverdetoxify chemicals from your body.

and part of that is due to the bitter natureof orange peel, even though orange peel oil has a very nice sweet aromatic scent. number two, orange oil has been shown to helplift depression and fight anxiety. if you're a person or know someone who youlove and care about, who is struggling with mood issues and depression, citrus oils aregreat. in fact, vanderbilt hospital and other medicalinstitutions around the country diffuse essential oils like citrus oils around their patientsto help reduce fear when they're going into a surgery. and actually the other amazing thing theydid in the study was they actually interviewed

nurses and they found nurses had improvedmoods and quality of lives when they were diffusing orange oil or citrus oils aroundthe hospital. so here's an action step for you. buy a diffuser, and diffusers you can buythem on you can buy them almost anywhere. you go to buy them at whole foods. but buy a diffuser. you put in typically about 5 to 10 drops oforange oil, and just have that diffusing in your home.

now, my wife and i love doing this duringthe holidays. we'll do a mixture of cinnamon oil or clove,along with orange oil. it absolutely smells like christmas and theholidays, that's a great thing to do. sometimes we'll do other mixtures as well. but orange oil, do that in diffuser, or justsimply open up the cap and take deep breaths in and out, of orange oil. it is so invigorating and energizing, butagain, it's also great for fighting depression and anxiety. you might pair orange oil along with lavender,and ylang ylang for improving your mood and

uplifting your spirit. number three. it is great for fat digestion because orangepeel, which is where the essential oil comes from, has a bitter nature to it, and actuallyimproves your gallbladder health. if somebody is having gallstones, if somebodyis having trouble with digestion, this is one of the best things to do. it's good for gas and bloating, it's goodfor any type of digestive issue whatsoever, but especially for fat digestion, and gallbladder issues. so again orange oil is fantastic for thatreason as well.

now, one of the biggest ways people will useorange oil is for boosting the immune system. and we know oranges themselves, now, thisis even more in the flesh, but also some in the oil. it contains compounds such as quercetin andvitamin c, and other powerful antioxidants. well, orange oil contains maybe the most powerfulof them all in d-limonene, and maracyn, and some other really unique compounds that arefound in orange oil. so again orange oil can be great for specificallysupporting the immune system. now, listen to this. i've had a clinic here, right?

i had a large wellness clinic in nashvillehere, and i took care of a lot of country music musicians and christian musicians, alot of singers. and what would happen constantly is they wouldbe singing all the time, and they would come down with hoarse throats or sore throats,and i would have them do a remedy of a few drops of a citrus oil like orange oil witha little bit of manuka honey, and they would do that with some warm tea all day long. it would actually help them overcome theirhoarseness and their sore throats. so if you or a family member ever gets sickor comes down with a sore throat, or a musician with a hoarse throat, here's the natural remedy.

three to five drops of orange oil, a teaspoonof manuka honey or raw local honey, a little bit of tea, drinking that all day long isso soothing for the immune system, and for the throat. and then also here, this might shock you,but orange essential oil and the compound d-limonene has anti-cancer properties. part of the reason is it helps detoxify thebody by draining the lymphatic system, but d-limonene and studies done on cultured cellsin a petri dish were shown to actually kill off some cancer cells to a certain degree. so again this is also great to do on a regularbasis to naturally fight cancer.

so again d-limonene found in orange essentialoil, very powerful in all of these ways with so many benefits there as well. so again here's what i'd recommend you do. use orange essential oil, you can use it topically,do a few drops, rub it on your neck or your lymph nodes. now, i do want to mention this. if you use a citrus oil topically, you don'tthen want to go directly and get a lot of sun. so you don't want to go and lay out.

if you're out in the sun for a couple minutesit's fine, but if you're going to get a lot of sun, it can actually burn your skin ifyou leave citrus oil on directly in sunlight. so again there is some photosensitivity there. so that's sort of the warning in terms ofa side effect, is you don't want to put it all over you and then go out in the sun there. but again, for all these ways, again use itin a diffuser. add a couple drops to your water. i love doing it in a chocolate smoothie. it's an orange-chocolate flavor which is fantastic.

so there are a lot of ways. in fact, you can also clean your house. it has anti-microbial benefits. it'll also help cleanse your water. that's the reason i love adding it to water. a lot of benefits of orange essential oil. and by the way, if you want to learn moreabout the many benefits of orange oil, you can go to my website. go to dr. axe, it's, and just search"orange essential oil" or do that on google.

just look up dr. axe orange oil. i have a whole article on all the benefitsof orange oil along with the benefits of other essential oils such as peppermint, lavender,frankincense, and a whole lot more. and guys, also don't forget you can subscribehere to this youtube channel here as well, and we have a lot more videos coming out onthe benefits of essential oils, herbs, and natural remedies. this has been me, dr. josh axe talking aboutthe many benefits of orange essential oil.