Motion Sickness Oil

Motion Sickness Oil

utah has is state-sponsored postercontest for grade school students and uh... what they basically do is a happyman in it in response to a birthday right so ithink is greatest bosa celebrate mother nature you gotta think about what youcan do to save our environment uh... save our planet

Motion Sickness Oil, uh... but in utah since this postercontest is funded at by uh... oil companies and bycore companies uh... their themes are something alongthe lines of where would we be a without oil gas and mine last year the theme wasout how dealings or l gas and mining

kindersley response our birthday this is so crazy is ridiculous or coal companies just in case peopledidn't quite grasp what you said their or companies are but i mean this is a admitted havingkids do this that this crazy the salt lake the truly in section of the societyof petroleum engineers evidence that the vision of oil gas andi think i can imagine that those people without some kind of agenda that theymight want to push on kids what's wrong with the utah west everything that bad

seems to be coming at you the admin yahoo adn not all that surprised rate becausewhenever you have these huge corporations involved in things likethis of course there detritus fred prone to really pro mining propaganda and that's exactlywhat they're doing and these like the same conservatives in the sameindividuals it'll turn around and a look at colleges now saying look at thisliberal indoctrination the hispanics really fascinating that the fax usuallyfall on the liberal side of things right

but in this case this is just propaganda there there isno discussion about the man aidid climate change arnold men meansthe right phrase but as human cause climate change uh... insult act you have people like the cook brothersfunding these climate denying scientists that are releasing these ridiculousstudies indicating that climate change is not caused by humanactivity and in the balkans parker's

there but because the market it says ipart fossil fuels like that actually would still better in like a kitchen store as a joke in both people who literally althoughlove fossil fuels and love the fact that thedinosaurs died millions of years ago let this thisbrian i researched middle-class pruitt as fast as i can and i wanted on a month and also just like the resistance towardrenewable energy is incredible anytime

deal bombing ministration find somethingthat's good for the environment the immediately get criticized by haverepublicans and some democrats and it's not being test was a perfectexample of that tessa creates an electric car and of course the use of federal loan todo a cell and people like rodney said not test was a loser company extract fact their federal loan five years in the bay yeah so they're not a loser company notonly are they paying the federal

government back but they also created a unappealingelectric are of course is an electric car that i personally can afford sincelike eighty thousand dollar world it's a little less that fit but still we should be finding theseprojects and we need to get serious about climate change their anne the factthat we're still having this rediculous debate about how climate change is stillcontroversial among scientists is rediculous what you know even if even ifpeople wanted to continue this debate

where they are where they're humans arecausing the environment to change i think we can all agree we put out alot of pollution right so that it was rejected the real argument that we will will putout well there's nothing wrong with goingreunion in the late using solar energy and we think are and shouldn't be viewedas a bad thing so we don't have a look at the argument in this sort of sensibleand whether you think the science i don't read all the reports but i'mpretty sure i know we're doing something but even ifwe're not when that use more solar panel

and uh... maria yeah which is uh... but i m gonna buy one of these months ithink it's pretty hard