Natural Emulsifiers For Essential Oils

Natural Emulsifiers For Essential Oils

hey guys megan here at laseraway we all know that the holidays are great time to spend with the ones you love but it could also wreak havoc on your

Natural Emulsifiers For Essential Oils, skin so i'm here to share an all-natural diy and cream recipe that will keep our hands silky smooth all winter long you will need 1/8 cup almond oil

one-quarter cup shea butter 10 drops of essential oil of your choice 1 tbsp beeswax using a double boiler melt the shea butter beeswax and sweet almond oil together be sure to stir the mixture continually as it melts once the mixture is completely melted remove it from the heat and allow to

cool for 10 minutes after stir in an essential oil of your choice then pour the liquid hand cream in a small glass jar and allow it to harden for several hours apply this cream to your hands as often as needed so there you have it a diy hand cream that will keep your hands silky smooth and the harshest winters to see house

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