Natural Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness

Natural Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness

hello everyone this is breanna rutter authorof one of my most popular books the natural hair bible and founder of howtoblackhair.comand for these videos i love to answer the question see you all send me via email soany of you have any questions you will like for me to answer be sure to check out thedescription box below for additional information so we going to get right on into the videoin this video is because of a question i received

Natural Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness, from bella, bella emailed me because she saidi already know the difference between cold pressed virgin oils and virgin oils but reallyis it really a big deal about what kinds of oils i can use to keep my hair healthy soi'm glad you sent me that email because yes is very important types of oil of your choosingto care for your hair especially if you want

specific results with using your oils so todayi have for you three things that i want to mention that will help you to consider whetheror not you really need coldpressed virgin oils or that using virgin oils is best foryou so first what i'm going to say is that coldpressed oils of course always out beatbe virgin oils because you have to extract the oils from the plant by heating them mostlikely when you hear oils labeled as virgin oils that just means that the oils only derivefrom one source so virgin olive oil doesn't mean that is the best oil for you it justmeans that only contains olive oil that if the label says coldpressed virgin olive oilthat means that most of the nutritional value is still intact because they did need heatto extract oil from the olive seeds or the

olive plants so yes there's a big differencein the type of worship want to be using if you need them for specific results so my verynext tip that i'm going to be sharing with you is that the quality of your oils do mostlikely reflect in the price that you have to pay for them so depending on your budgetor whatever price range you feel to pay for your oils will determine what kind of oilsyou can afford but in most cases coldpressed virgin oil is extremely more expensive thanit is for typical virgin oils and no you don't need coldpressed virgin oils to keep yourhair healthy your hair is already healthy you don't have to use this type of oil youcan use regular virgin oils but if you have damaged hair or you are suffering from breakageor thinning or any other problems associated

with your hair that you do not like or needto improve upon and i highly suggest that you treat your hair whether momentarily oralways have any arsenal by using coldpressed virgin oils and now the very last tip thati'm going to share is that regular virgin oils are usually slightly more's acidic andcoldpressed virgin oils which are usually more alkaline now depending on the state ofyour hair one is usually more desirable than the other so say you typically have healthyhair you have to do much deep conditioning treatments you dont ever really have problemswith breakage or anything like that i highly suggest using regular virgin oils becausesince they are more slightly as you take a more slightly acidic product will actuallyhelp seal you your hair so if you're looking

for a perfect sealant then always adjust searchingfor virgin oils rather than coldpressed virgin oils now on the other hand coldpressed virginoils are great for using steam treatments or overnight oil treatments on your hair thisoil is more alkaline which is going to deeply penetrate the hair shaft so i know for mostpeople there like yeah oil is oil this and that but really if you want to specificallyget certain results from all with your hair by using certain products is very importantthe type of oils that you are choosing to treat your hair for such so if you using oilsto do a how oil treatments and you are noticing like i'm not really getting over the factthat himself from breakage even though i'm using olive oil treatments the most likelyare probably not using the best will for your

hair because the best oil for your hair inthat case is coldpressed virgin oils and that could be anywhere oil from olive oil to almondoil coconut well whatever you like to use for your hair just try them all out and seewhat you like that so thank you bella for sending me that question no technically speakingit really doesn't matter but it does if you're looking to do certain specific things withyour hair so of course if there's any more information that any of you need while watchingmake sure to check out the description box until next time i'll see you all in my nextvideo