Non Comedogenic Oils

Non Comedogenic Oils

did you hear? mineral oil is banned in europe! so what about the mineral oil that’s inso many of your skincare products? toss’em or use’em? stay tuned! hello, i'm dr. neal schultz

Non Comedogenic Oils, and welcome to dermtv. there's a lot of unnecessary confusion aboutmineral oil. bottom line: it's safe and not "banned ineurope"... but i’ll come back to “banned” later.

so first, what is mineral oil? mineral oil is derived from petroleum and is an important ingredient in baby lotions,ointments and a whole range of skincare products andcosmetics. it’s lightweight, odorless and tasteless. it’s in cold creams, and it’s so oftenused to remove oil based make-up and even temporary tattoos, mom! here’s the catch that causes the confusion: there are different grades of mineral oil:

cosmetic grade, veterinarian, biomedical,industrial, etc. cosmetics-grade mineral oil is the mineraloil used in skin care products and is certified as and approved by eitherusp, which is the united states pharmacopeia, orbp, the british pharmacopeia. it’s completely safe, soothing, non-irritating, and perfectly healthy for skin as determined by the regulating pharmaceuticalagencies in the us and uk. in the us, mineral oil is considered by thefda to be safe topically and orally at specified concentrations

and has been approved by the fda in personalcare and cosmetic products, as well as for an additive for food. so mineral oil is not an ingredient to avoid unless you have oily or acne prone skin, in which case the somewhat greasy textureof mineral oil will obviously feel noxious, but even so, studies have suggested that mineral oil isnon comedogenic and probably doesn't clog pores. that being said, i still suggest that anyonewith oily or acne prone skin

avoid products with mineral oil. now last, the statement, “banned in europe!”is attention grabbing but a meaningless statement. first, is thissupposed to mean the eu? and suffice it to say, as you now know, cosmetic grade mineral oil is approved foruse in skin care products in the eu and especially great britain, andalso the us. so what is “banned” all about? that refers to industrial grade mineral oilsfor certain non-skincare uses, and has nothing to do with skincare products.