Oil For Bald Spots

Oil For Bald Spots

magical mask for thin hair and bald scalp,with only three ingredients! some say getting bald is a genetic thing andwe can’t do anything about it. but in the case of women, the baldness canbe avoided using natural remedies. thinning of hair always a concern for womenas hair is a part of beautiful looks of women. so, if you are craving for shiny and thickhair then you should take some simple efforts

Oil For Bald Spots, for it. you should understand that due to lack ofnourishment your hair are falling out and it is important to take a relevant step toreduce hair loss. along with the prevention of hair loss, weshould also take remedies to promote the hair

growth. what if you get a single remedy that doesboth things for you? yes, a natural remedy has the capability toprevent hair loss and boost the hair growth. once you start using this remedy, your hairwill become strong, thick and shiny. let’s look in detail about this incrediblenatural remedy. things you need: honey 1 tbsp. castor oil 2 tbsp. egg 1.

process: 1. take one egg and remove the egg yolk separatefrom it. 2. take an egg yolk in a small bowl and add 2tbsp of castor oil to it. 3. add 1 tbsp of honey to it and mix it wellto make a thick paste. 4. apply the paste on your hair and provide agentle massage to the hair roots.

5. allow the paste to remain on your hair for2-4 hours. you can use a shower cap to cover your hair. 6. wash your hair with milk shampoo and conditioner. 7. you should use this remedy twice a week andwithin 1 month you will find a significant change in your hair texture. you will observe a noticeable increase inthe hair growth and significant decrease in

hair fall. the hair will look thick and strong. also, you will not face any issues like dandruffor irritation in the scalp. this hair mask takes care of all the issuerelated to hair and provides shiny hair in just 1 month of time. keep using this remedy regularly to ensureproper health of your hair.