Oil For Varicose Veins

Oil For Varicose Veins

hello guys today i'm going to talk about how to cure varicose veins varicose veins happens when you don't have good blood circulation in your legs that's why veins bulging that's why veins

Oil For Varicose Veins, popping out so you must increase blood circulation in your legs to cure this problem how to do that fix your muscle imbalance that's what

cause bad blood circulation in your legs if you're calf muscles like soleus is really tight has a lot of trigger points a lot of tight tissue and because of that you're soleus doesn't work properly and soleus is responsible for pumping blood back into the heart it's your pump and if it doesn't work your blood circulation gonna be bad

i want you to place your fingers on your calf muscle look i'm going to show you place your thumb on your calf muscle here ye and place index finger on your soleus muscle apply some pressure of course and start massage and slowly go down and just look for trigger points look for tight tissue tight

muscles and if you find one of these that means your soleus muscle doesn't work your calf muscles doesn't work and you want to massage also you want to fix your diaphragm muscle because your vein and artery going through diaphragm as you see in this picture your vein is going through diaphragm what's happened when you have

trigger pond or tight tissue in your diaphragm it compress your vein of course i want you to know how it works so i'm gonna paint diaphragm muscle on my hand so just be with me so it's your diaphragm and red dot gonna represent artery and blue dot will represent vein so imagine that's your diaphragm muscle

from below of course and now i'm going to pinch my hand so with pinching i gonna imitate trigger point effect on diaphragm muscle tight tissue effect on diaphragm muscle so look i'm pinching you see i'm pulling off the side blue dot what means when i'm going off the side that means i'm squeezing i'm compressing

vein and of course it reduced blood flow so you want to have healthy diaphragm muscle also you want to have stable pelvis if you have unstable pelvis like hyper lordosis you going to put a huge amount of pressure on disks and that can irritate your sciatic nerve which responsible for your legs i would like to invite you to try self

massage method for varicose veins with this method you will increase blood circulation in your legs which means your varicose veins gonna go away also if you have cold feets its gonna go away too you going to improve your overall health self massage method for varicose veins you will find my website holisticmate.com thanks for

watching guys and have a great day