Oils For Fertility

Oils For Fertility

here's a question. could taking this improve your odds of having a baby? women with fertility problems are often willing to try

Oils For Fertility, anything so how effective is this over-the-counter supplement? dr. mallika marshall is here

tonight with some answers about this. reporter: well, the simple answer is probably not. i mean, it's called,rep prep with something called vita prep like a multivitamin -- vitamin b 12, folic acid -- another part is called fertile prep and

that contains substance that is supposed to help sperm get where they need to go. now, i talk to an infertility specialist and she said there really is no clear scientific proof any of the components work, either alone or in combination so -- you probably

are just wasting your money. it's not cheap. it's $30 so that's a buck a day. i would rather have someone put that money towards getting real help if they're having infertility issues because we know there are fda-approved

medication and therapy that work. what's tough is for women who desperately want to have a baby and are struggling, they will look at this and say, "i'll do it." reporter: "i'll try anything."

and it's got a doctor's