Tea Tree Oil Non Comedogenic

Tea Tree Oil Non Comedogenic

hello everyone this is my first time i make a video to share about skincare and makeup so please forgive me if there are some mistakes the first product i want to share with you guys is olay regenerist luminious brightening foaming cleanser

Tea Tree Oil Non Comedogenic, this cleanser was recommended by my friend my skin type is combination which is oily in t-zone (nose, forehead and chin) but kinda dry in cheeks area

it's really difficult to find a good cleanser for my skin type if a cleanser controls oil too much my cheeks will become super dry and flaky if it has too much moisture, my t-zone is too oily however, this cleanser is good and it is suitable for all skin types the texture of it is between gel and cream this cleanser doesn't have much foam

this is a good sign and i love how it smells it does contain vitamin b3 (also known a niacinamide) and other vitamins and really effective ingredients after using this for 2 weeks, i notice my skin my skin is brighter and smoother those acne marks i have also fade quicker if you haven't found any good cleanser, you should try this cleanser

and the second cleanser that i have used for 3 years it is clinique liquid facial soap the reason why i love it, and use it for 3 years is that it has no fragrance which is really gentle for anyone who has sensitive skin the one i'm using is for combination to oily skin type once again, it has no fragrance, color so it's safer

and .... after using this, it removes dirt, oil well without making your skin dry it also provides you an enough amount of moisture to keep your skin healthy and balance. you will fall in love with it if you try this cleanser if you have sensitive skin type, you should try out clinique's products next, i want to talk about the toner i'm using secret key toner from korea

secrey key is a brand that makes a lot of dupes from high end brand with cheaper price like this toner is a dupe of the famous skii facial treatment essence. however, this toner has more better ingredients than skii this toner's scent is more pleasant not have too strong fermented smell i used skii before

so i think the result is similar but this toner is so much cheaper i bought it around $12-15 only but skii is around $200 with the same size if you want to save $$$ but want to try "high end" products you can try this one my skin is brighter, and really soft it's so much easier to apply makeup because my skin is full of moisture

i breakout less than usual too the next product is also a toner but this one has "deep-cleansing" function it's from burt's bees (i love their products) yes, again, 98.9% natural.. and no animal testing (hurray) i think it is gentle enough for sensitive skin i always think my skin is clean after i wash my face but when i use this toner with cotton pad wipe it on my skin gently

the cotton pad is still dirty >-< first thing i like is its price ( so cheap ) but it's so much better than any toners i've ever used before ( like clarins) yay, the next product is exfoliate/scrub i have my own reason for not exfoliating my skin frequently and i will share with you why later. ta-da, this is what i'm using right now burt's bees again

it contains the shell of peach seeds, it is similar to st.ives peach scrub however, the texture of burt's bees is lighter and more liquid but i don't like the size of scrub it's not fine enough so you should be careful and do it gently to avoid hurting your skin

it's not good to do it too roughly that's the mistake most people have when they remove dead skin cell anyway, this one is 100% natural if you are a big fan of natural product, do not miss this little thing and other products from burt's bees yay, it's time for masks i have many masks but i only review about

mask for oily to combination skin firstly, this is peel-off mask from freeman people who have oily skin or suffer from large pores or have dull skin what you need is 15-20 mins for this mask twice a week apply this mask on your face after you cleans your face let it dry and peel it off follow by toner, serum, or moisture...

you will see the improvement after two weeks i use it and my friends use it they all see a really obvious result : their skin is brighter, smoother, and their pores are smaller the next mask is queen helene mint julep masque i almost finish it and this is maybe my third or fourth tube already

i use it less because my skin is kinda dry but i do use it whenever i have pimples i use it as a spot treament and go to sleep after applying it on my acne my pimples are less irritating, or my pimples will disappear everyone who has acne, you should try this mask it's better than any acne spot treaments i've used before and this mask is so cheap, around $4-5

i want to share about missha mask called black ghassoul tightening mask i love how it smells it is a clay mask so basically it is similar to any clay masks out there it's not too special but after you applied it for 15 to 20 minutes it won't dry but still wet a little bit

so it's really easy to wash off the mask but this mask still works perfectly it not only removes all the oil but balances our skin if you hate how difficult washing face after using clay mask you should try this clay mask from missha now i reveal the reason i don't exfoliate so often i'm using clarisonic mia cleansing brush i think it is too harsh for my skin

if i exfoliate my skin twice a week if you have tried clarisonic, you will know how clean your face will be because it removes dead skin cell while you are washing your face and the brush i'm using is deep pore brush head i got some questions about cleansing devices why we need it and which brand

i know there are many choices with different prices but i still love clarisonic i tried olay cleansing brush before ( actually i tried foreo too) i know olay is pretty affordable but olay cleansing device is too harsh and my skin is always red and itchy after every use i also did a test between olay & clarisonic

on a tissue clarisonic didn't tear up the tissue but olay did so if we use rotation brush like olay, our skin will end up like that tissue i know clarisonic is pricey but it's worth it one more product from secret key bifida 97% ampoule (serum) whitening and anti-aging this serum has no scent at all

it's really watery it's really smooth and it is like a light gel it penetrates really quickly into skin and leaves no residue after 2 months, i notice my skin is brighter, more radiant my pores seem smaller and my acne spots fade so much quicker i stopped using it for 2 days

and i saw a huge difference my skin was drier, and looked dull so i know this serum actually works next is the moisturizers the first moisturizer is for dry skin type the saem urban eco harakeke firming seed cream i only use this one in winter because my skin is super dry in winter

even though this brand claims they use natural ingredients the scent of it smells like artificial scent this moisturizer has only one thing i don't like you will feel hot a little bit it also leaves a really sticky layer on your skin however, this moisturizer is my skin saver in winter if you have really dry skin, try this moisturizer this is the moisturizer for oily to combination skin

holika holika aqua max sebum control cream it has the same problem: leaving a sticky layer but somehow i feel it works so well with oily skin it has cooling sensation after you applied it if you have enlarge pores, put it in the fridge then apply it and go to sleep or use a thick layer as a mask leave it on for 15 mins then wash your face

you will have softest, smoothest skin ever it is non-comedogenic so pretty safe for acne-prone skin and the last product is the body shop tea tree oil i love it so much and it is also the best seller item affordable price and it lasts really long i bought it long time ago but i only use 1/3 of it

all you need is to apply it on your pimples 2-3 times a day you can tell this works so well it's pretty safe i know we have so many acne spot treatments but i think this one works better thanks for watching my video if you have any questions about skincare products or you want to request me to review some products

please feel free to send it to my email or comment below thanks again ! don't forget to subscribe if you feel my channel is useful